Gnasher change, feels different?

I kinda can’t believe nobody is talking about this but apparently they made a change to the gnasher within the last day or two. TC claims they “accidentally” put the gnasher settings for PVE in PVP. First of all, HOWWWW?!?! How did you eff that up that badly. Second, the gnasher did feel like less of a nuclear warhead when I was playing this afternoon so maybe we are moving the right direction?

Yea, I noticed right away. I used to be able to shoot in the general direction and get full spreads. Now it’s a lot easier to get grazes . I really like the change.

You noticed it? They never confirmed that the change went live though, at least that I could find.

Just a vague message about the change. I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference yet

Oh yea, definitely. Go into a private match of TDM and aim to the left of your opponent. Almost none of your pellets will connect. Takes way more aiming now. FYI though, if you aim to right of opponent, you still have to worry about the triangle TC talked about in their video explanation.

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Interesting. I play with a mouse so my aim is pretty good most of the time.

Probably why I didn’t notice it.

Do you happen to have a link to that video? I’d like to watch it

Thank you!

Ok I guess I’ll try it out.