Gnasher camo gone

Help, I have the midnight omen for my gnasher but for only one team and it’s on the swarm, whenever I go to pick it for the cog it doesn’t show up but when I go the swarm it’s there

a couple weeks back in a Whats Up they stated that the midnight omen skins can only be used for the swarm in versus because of team mix ups.

do a search before you post you might find your answers. This is posted EVERY damn day


Lmao…I honestly think I lose IQ every time I read a post that has been made time after time and that person does not know how to use a search bar

Versus COG - Syndrome.
Versus Swarm - Midnight Omen.
Horde - Syndrome and Midnight Omen.

This was to prevent colour identification confusion.
Closing thread as it’s answered.