Gnasher bug question

I keep noticing Tc saying the gnasher is bugged. I’ve been playing since 06 and the shotgun has always had issues. Now this int a thread bashing Tc why they havent fixed this. This is more or less a question to the community on why or what the issue actually is.

Over complicated mechanics for a projectile based weapon. Maybe it must be this complicated to work but it regardless it’s complicated. Yoo go from barrel shot hipfire, then center screen for the aiming. Should just be consistently the same in my opinion, I don’t develop video games though so I’m sure they have there reason.


It begs the question why the lancer doesnt have the same issues either :man_shrugging:

It does though.

It has the same hip fire accuracy change, gnasher fires X amounts of pellets in x amount of directions so of course it’ll be a mess.

A lot of it could be due to the sheer randomness of the gnasher itself

What gears was it completely brilliant on? And couldn’t they just replicate that, sometimes things are over complicated to me

Although it does feel better with the tuning. Harder of course but far more consistent

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It just makes me wonder how many times epic threw the baby out with the bathwater with every sequel.

It’s impossible to design the best gnasher.

You see everyone’s pings? In a barel spread hip fire 3rd person game its impossible to be perfect.

Unlike halo or cod shotgun where it’s first person easy mechanics.

A 3rd person online game that’s so ping sensitive, I’m not surprised the gnasher is buggy.

Blows my mind how all the people complain & don’t see that TC can never fix this on these servers.

Servers need buffering or have dedicated regions. That’s the best that can be done.

The gnasher will never be perfect. Never. People need to get over it. It never was perfect.

In gears 1 when you were host that was perfect. Because you were host. That’s the only way to get a perfect gnasher Fire.

People need to realize that & accept it.

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Which begs another question. Why would Tc fix the servers and give more accurate regions?
I agree with you that most of gears issues are lag/ping based.

It’s a shotgun, not a bug.