Gnasher bad or not

is it me or is the gnasher just bad, I feel like im firing bubbles half the time 2 hits 82% and they one shot me. I hope that it isn’t like this in gears 5

Happens to the best of us :rofl:

I’m hoping the gnasher in Gears 5 will be like how it was in the first week of the tech test. It was weird how it felt different in the second week.


Didn’t play much of 5 test beta. Hyped for it. I think I’ve played against you a few times your brill

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Thank you, thought I recognised your name from somewhere. We should play sometime!

The gnasher is strong, you just have to land your shots.

In Gears 5 the gnasher is slightly stronger and movement speed is slower, so you will notice a smoother game play, and a more reliable gnasher.

I was still hitting 82 & 83% pretty frequently in the Gears5 demo. (1 example at the :55sec mark)

You can buy a one shot Gnasher in the Microsoft Store.


The last few weeks in MP have been really frustrating with the gnasher. I’ve had moments where I hit point blank, get killed and the kill screen says no damage…

It’s fixed in gears 5. I can actually body someone and kill them instead of getting 80% on a active.

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you hit him with every pellet. seems like they never did anything . could be the other guys internet

That was his internet. Trust me I had the same issue.