Gnasher and the issues with it

WHY. I’ve been playing gears since the first installment and I want it known that your aim assist , broken gnasher . And pandering to new audiences has left me feeling disgusted at your company . You’re all cash grabbing for these weak skilled gamers , ruining the combat with aim assist and a gnasher that is NOT CONSISTENT. I DEMAND this game be fixed , or a SEPARATE ranked playlist for VETERAN players that you’ve so obviously abandoned .

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I agree 100 percent, I also want to add when I do shot someone with the gnasher and their still standing then I get blown to bits I get informed 80 percent of the time that I did anywhere between 95 to 99 percent damage. I dont understand how that makes sense. That patch for the gnasher was a horrible idea just to help new gamers become interested or whatever your reason where. There should be something you all can do to fix this because on any other gears installment I never had this problem, I played very well every game, now I cant even enjoy the game