Gnasher and Meleeing

Increase the shotgun clip back to 8 bullets rather than 6. It’s unbelievable how much lowering the clip by 2 affects the overall gameplay for veterans.

Also add a delay between shooting and meleeing… The ability to shoot a shotgun bullet and melee right after is crazy annoying.


Yeah not sure how they went back making mistakes with the melee, it was fine in gears 3-4. This is a lot like judgment.
I keep saying it whoever is making these decisions for multiplayer has to go


This is a big issue…needs focus…also this auto lock feature thing I’m hearing about…needs to go.

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Yeah when you melee I’ve noticed it sort of locks on to your target if you’re facing him slightly, which results in a 100% hit lol

At least melee is VIABLE again!
Not BROKEN like in Gears1/UE nor is it utter TRASH like in “Gnasher of War 4”
It is like Gears 3 melee which was fine in the end

Lol it’s nothing like gow3 meleeing

Yes it is or tell me which Gears melee system is actually closer

Gnasher has 8 shells idk what TC is thinking making it 6. I often have to resort to the melee in 1 v 3 situations because the gnasher only has 6 shots just wow. Every other gears game has been 8 shots TC needs to forfeit their rights for gears back to epic.

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Exactly what I’m on about. It’s literally impossible now going ham with gnasher as it’s only 6 now lmao.