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Gnasher Active Reload

I’m surprised that nobody has been discussing this. its not okay in the slightest.

I’m actually alright with the fact that a perfect reload gives no damage boost with the gnasher. that’s a welcome change.

im even alright with the fact that it now only has 6 shots.

but when you hit a normal active it only gives you 3 shots? this is another one of those changes that NOBODY asked for. this just simply confuses new and old players alike.

with these changes, it almost makes going for a perfect reload POINTLESS.
please change this while you’re able.

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Actually if you would go to TECH TEST FEEDBACK THREAD (which is where this should be) you’ll see people talking about a lot of stuff


I’d like to see 8 shots return.

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I mean it gives risk/reward to an active. Although the active doesnt do anything amazing for the gnasher in the heat of battle reloading 3 seconds faster could be life or death.

Hundreds of people have commented on the gnasher change. Please use the official feedback thread as TC is listening.

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