Gnasher 98% n 99

Happens so often now… Started to play less and less everyday. Game is trash. How fun is it to shoot someone point blank n they instagib u … Borin game … Had to pop in gears 3… Movement is amazing just need ability to remap buttons… surprised but not really to see 200 people on a game from 2011 … …

Gears of war 1 2 and 3 are the real gears of war games. Judgement was a joke and 5 isn’t great.

4 was ok but there was still something off about it. It’s still good to see the new games being made because its better than the franchise dying completely in my opinion.

I think 5 will eventually get close to the level of 4 which would be positive. It’s definitely better than it was at launch.

As for the 98% and 99% damage…don’t get me started lol

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Gnasher duels are annoying especially with hackers.
Buff the lancer, force out more gun fights as the game was originally intended.
The Icon weapon of the game is a joke deserves to be the weapon of choice; buff it till running around with a gnasher is a bad idea.


Gears 1-3…
People misjudged 1 shot gib range, n it resulted in 1 shot downs in gears 1-3

This is what they did

Players “im so tired of being 1 shot down epic. This game is the worst i have ever played!!! Blah blah”

Now people misjudge the 1 shot range in gears 5

Players “im so tired of 98% and 99%. This is the worst game i have ever played.”

Because they removed 1 shot downs in g5

Well duh or their public relations would be in the toilet… (more so than now lol) they didnt vhange or fix things cause they care about us… they did it for their own selfish reasoning and rightfully so… every game can update… doesnt mean games should be released with less content for more money, n ask for money constantly through a store for a product that barely works … its disgusting business practice.

Just cause i got better after havin cancer, doesnt mean im glad i had it or better yet, it was worth having… no id rather never of had it… that includes g5 at its launch state… it was sickening from a triple a dev team

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I dont mind have Weak Gnasher with Weak lancers
I dont mind have strong gnashers with strong lancers

Problem is when you put weak gnashers + strong lancers. The game just turn into a CoD instead of Gears of wars everyone using machine guns playing at distance + camping.


The point is others are 100% you in 1 shot in the exact same range you done 99% in 2 hits. TC have made a complete mess of this.


Insta gib range is laughable in this game and random af atleast lower the power on the shot gun im tired of seein people from south America runnin around like lunatics sponging and instagibbin … Then i get hate messages in spanish cause im lancerin the whole game. And killcam is pointless right now watchin people completely miss shots n kill me… not a fun game at all


Your right Brooklyn! Guys on 250 ping running around invincible! Why are they on my server? I know, cause nobody is playing this game because it’s awful.


Its not random… they added 2 pellets to the gnasher spread that drastically change the accuracy required to achieve that 100% gib kill… miss a pellet… get 98%/99% based on miniscule distances… its not random… learn the new mechanics, behaviour of the weapons etc.

I dont like the g5 gnasher… but its not random… just god damn irritiating lmao

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You have to hit your shot perfectly clean. I have noticed multiple times though where I’m shooting a guy holding the mace point black and i get 77% exactly. Wouldn’t be shocked if there’s a glitch there.

Lol the MP will die with that idea

You don’t have to be a keyboard warrior and call me stupid because I said it’s improved since launch. And I simply agreed 99% shot damage is a pain. You have done the exact same thing as me by pointing out the obvious. You think anyone needs you to explain that TC have only improved the game because they are a business and it would look bad if they didn’t do this. Everyone knows TC do not care about the players outside of their wallet etc.


I wasnt a keyboard warrior u foolish man… keep cryin bout it though when someone retorts to u on a forum

I was saying the point of “its gotten better since launch” is a completely worthless point to mention…its trivial like everything i mentioned but it needed to also be stated with such a message of “its gotten better since launch”
We can both keep pointing out the obvious n argue over nothing… id rather stop good sir… u dig?

Dude learn the mechanics n stop falsely cryin over false crap… u get ectra health with the mace… if u are being rt or b button swung… heres thr truth

Chainsaw him if the mace guy is RB/B button swinging (same animation), u always will win cause the mace melee sucks em closer to u as will chainsaw when it connects… is he using rt button? Shotgun him for 77% and then melee for 51% and get a down because those animations back to back are 100% faster than the maces rt swing…

Its not bugged . Learn how the mechanics of the game work… n stop spreadin misinformation

Like i learned this all in less than a day… its not hard…n im trash at gears

The game is still bad you run and youre camera doesnt even shake you … Wheres the blood omen when you get shot? Whos idea was it to take that out ?? You shouldnt even be able to see cause blood will be all over youre screen if i hit you with a 90 percent shot to begin with in the old game. No instead some noob turns around with perfect vision and 1 shots you… That would stop so many problems in the game

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Did i ever contenst its bad?

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Honestly tho who thought it was a good idea to take this out… If it aint broke dont fix it. … I


Idk but whoever did deserves his vacation pay docked n his position lowered to free intern… that persons ideas r awful


Real ■■■■, Gnasher should function like UE and the lancer needs a debuff.


Personally i dont want center screen aiming but i want its pellet spread n such back personally