Glowing Scions in Horde?

Been playing for awhile but never seen the scions glow. They sorta look like the Diamond Scion from Gears of War 4. Is this intentional? If so what causes it?

I didn’t feel like uploading the clips so here is a picture. If anyone wants the clip I can post it later.

Not entirely the same, but in the campaign in Act 2 I was unable to see properly because of some weird rainbow coloured glare covering the whole screen when I was looking at an area. Never seen glowing scions though in all the time I’ve played it.

I did discover a new glitch on Bunker. I fell beneath the floor and Jack could revive me but I couldn’t move. I kept sinking further down until a Juvie smashed my head in. Its amazing to still discover new glitches.

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Never seen this. A clip would be helpful, as I’ve never seen Scions do anything that would warrant them having this type of indicator on them. It’s not like this guy is charging up like a Dragonball character or something.


As requested!

Sadly I didn’t get to see them closer as they were Ice Scions and getting even remotely close was dangerous. They did not appear anymore after this wave.

My guess is visual bug, then. Don’t know why this’d happen. If this was a Forge daily with Healing Heavies or Reflect Heavies, I could see that as the cause, but I don’t think it’s been in rotation with those mods recently at all.

This is quite similar to the glare I saw in campaign. It did happen in an area containing crystals if that helps.