Glowie pack Question

While it is speculated that the glowie pack might be the lambent; my question is will the explode upon death? If they don’t explode on death would you be upset?

For game play reasons in PVP it surely must just be visual effects and won’t cause damage? Otherwise it will affect the way the game is balanced. I mean the Deebee character’s death animation is different and doesn’t cause damage in PVP modes, so hopefully the Lambent ones will feature imulsion for blood.

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Robots kind of explode so maybe they could have a semi explosion effect

Imulsion blood would be enough, otherwise it would cause problems in mp.

Based on some clips that I watched it seems that the deebee’s death animations are the same as the swarm and cog models only mechanical. If the lambent have the same death animation then it wouldn’t be the worst thing, but it would be very disappointing since watching them disintegrate would make them unique rather than feeling that it’s another locust reskin. I should have clarified better; I should have said disintegrate instead of explode