Global Chat - The True Nectar of Gears

So, I just wanted to mention that the global chat during PvP is my absolute favorite part of Gears. I’ve never played any of the others, so I don’t know if this always existed, but it really is hilarious to me. If I had a dollar for every player on the opposing team who called me “noob” or “bot”, while their team was losing I would have enough money to buy all the operation packs currently out, and some left over to purchase esports chrome skins.

I see “*****” alot too… I’m guessing that’s some sort of profanity filter?

I also really love the more creative comments where thought was actually used, and I always appreciate the time it takes someone to duck into a corner to quickly type up something expressing their true feelings. Which is why I almost always respond, once I get an opportunity to do so. I’m polite like that. :sweat_smile:

I don’t know if anyone wants to share some of the things they’ve seen. :man_shrugging:t4:

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Yes! I agree! The commentary adds an interesting distraction to the game play… lol

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You can turn off the profanity filter.

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I recommend removing your profanity filter in settings.


Why is that?

So that you can discern the expressive nuance of their expletive prose.


So you can view the more creative content :wink:.