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Global 4xp not on still 2xp in horde private

(Bleeding Pepper) #47

Nope - still 2x XP across all modes. I’m having trouble connecting to play any Horde game full stop right now - private, public, the event (tracker ball). It just won’t connect and I get an error code ending in “d1c”.

(Bullitt 115) #48

Problem is not solved. It’s Sunday. I can only play private horde with 2XP. Public horde gets DLC error.

(mendigo2005) #49

Lucky you

Public on sunday is nightmare

(guzzler96) #50

just like everything else TC does. I don’ t recall one event in about the last two years that wasn’t screwed up.

(Bullitt 115) #51

Yeah really. I getting d1c now

(Candi Rotten) #52

Can’t connect to public horde and all core matches are giving 0xp match score. Social matches are giving xp, so I figured, well, it’s something… But the lag there is so ridiculously bad that I have to wait for my character to stop teleporting to try to take a shot, only to be dead before I get a chance. How in the world is it possible for this game to be out this long and TC still have the same server issues? Great publicity for the next game.

(McDevlin182) #53

You would hope that they get the message to fix this or they will suffer on future releases. Unfortunately I get the feeling they know they will get the numbers they need for Gears 5 regardless.

(diablo vs24) #54

Anyone getting 0 xp and 0 cr: make note of the values before joining a match, and see if they’ve changed after. Usually all 0’s is a display bug, and you actually receive xp and cr.

As far as the 4xp is concerned, I did what I described above just in case there was a visual bug; there wasn’t. (Displayed 2xp; received 2xp).

(shytokeye) #55

saw this on twitter from tc octus related to 4x xp

"What makes you say that? Just to confirm, you are aware bounties dont count right?

Just checking so I can verify details with the team."

so was there any response from tc about what happened that created all the issues over the weekend facebook twitter this forum etc

(TheDeuterostome) #56

None that I saw

(shytokeye) #57

evidently they did not make it clear to the person responsible for applying the change chuckle
see below

So everyone is clear, because we know it’s confusing:

  • Double XP is permanently enabled in Gears 4 since December
  • However, it’s still considered 2XP. 2XP is not the new 1XP.
  • 4XP is therefore double the usual XP rate in Gears 4.

Clear? Clear. Trust us when we say it is most definitely the tomato tomato debate of the studio!

(Relax Mxte) #58

I know Escalation had 4x XP enabled all week, including the weekend. I had a few games of KOTH and was getting around 40k XP which I’m not sure is 4x XP (@III_EnVii_III can you confirm?) but I know it definitely wasn’t enabled in Horde even though they said it should be.

(Noila27) #59

I only did half of one everyone quit but it didn’t seem different but they said visual bug so that was for horde? But then after that one horde game I couldn’t play it anymore any day. I tried Saturday and Sunday it was that error, unless I had bad luck or something. So was it working still on those days? I thought it was just broken but IDK what I could have done to make it work…

(Relax Mxte) #60

I know some people had errors and couldn’t play as a result. It never happened to me so I wouldn’t know how to help you unfortunately.

(Noila27) #61

Oh okay I thought no one was able to play all weekend and I looked on here Saturday I think people were saying the same error issue I had so I thought it was broken entirely oh well I guess it was bad luck. :frowning:

(III EnVii III) #62

Since 4x XP was enabled, I have yet to find a KOTH game in about 5 hours of combined searching :-1:

Hopefully will change when ranks reset tomorrow.

(Noob Movement) #63

They need an team to look into this and investigate. After 1 or 2 months or even longer, when everybody already forgot about it. We get a post that they looked into it but everything was working as intended :joy:.


I think TC copy and pastes this regarding to every issue someone has lol

(III EnVii III) #65

They no longer copy and paste, it’s just an auto bot reply now :laughing:


Now that I’ve read this, I haven’t seen Octus reply to ANYTHING here lately.