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Global 4xp not on still 2xp in horde private

(RelaxedHoffman) #22


(TheDeuterostome) #24

Same for me still

(Noob Movement) #25

They say it is a visual bug xD I also get only 2xp on private. And every 20 or 30 rounds, I don’t even get xp or credits all zero.

(Bullitt 115) #26

I’m still getting 2xp. Saturday morning here. Weekend will be over before they get it fixed.

(BRBigbird) #27

Just checked again no 4x xp turned on for horde. I noticed this subject is marked as solved it is not. The issue tc vectus brought up was a different isssue. How do you remove the solved mark.

(Bleeding Pepper) #28

Yup. I’ve been receiving the normal 2x XP, but not the 4x XP.

(shytokeye) #30

tc octus and vectes could use this when they ask the team how do they know if it is turned on.

(mendigo2005) #31

Thing is so ugly now that it’s the second time I have to ‘close app’ on Gears 4 just to go back to main menu.

Results are taking longer than expected is back…


(Bleeding Pepper) #32

Urgh. Nothing is working right now.

(mendigo2005) #33

That’s it. No more Gears today.

(TheDeuterostome) #34

I am not playing today either!

(Doxpress) #36

Same for me and my Friends!

Fix It!

Want real GLOBAL 4XP!!

(markerosennin) #37

Yeah exactly. This is really a shame. A lot of connection problems and at the end no 4xp!!! At least the team should say something about this problem!!

(Skend) #38


(concordvader) #39

Same here

(Bullitt 115) #40

I’m surprised you could even play. I got error codes earlier.

(mendigo2005) #42

Actually, it’s the other way around.

(GlacialRICK) #44

Yeah I haven’t gotten any either
Issue with match taking longer and sometimes getting no or incurrent amount of xp

(mendigo2005) #45

At least today I can play my private solo horde. (I guess that’s not true, game started showing that lag icon - when you’re about to disconnect - a few times. My Dropshot and Torque started auto swapping…)

This 4xp means ■■■■.

(guzzler96) #46

Has this been fixed? Played Friday night and yesterday and got no more points than on 2xp. This sux.