Global 4xp not on still 2xp in horde private

global 4x xp live when

Do you know how many times I’ve had extremely long games where I should get a very nice xp boost because I get 15,000 score plus and end up getting nothing. I don’t know why this happens but it’s really annoying and you should fix it. It seems like every time I have a abnormal game it gives me 4,000-5,000 xp. Really frustrating

I’m getting the same problem!

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I just checked horde again . The numbers that are showing on the rewards page are all 2x xp not 4x xp. for example wave completion 2x xp.


Same for me still

They say it is a visual bug xD I also get only 2xp on private. And every 20 or 30 rounds, I don’t even get xp or credits all zero.

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I’m still getting 2xp. Saturday morning here. Weekend will be over before they get it fixed.

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Just checked again no 4x xp turned on for horde. I noticed this subject is marked as solved it is not. The issue tc vectus brought up was a different isssue. How do you remove the solved mark.


Yup. I’ve been receiving the normal 2x XP, but not the 4x XP.

tc octus and vectes could use this when they ask the team how do they know if it is turned on.

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Thing is so ugly now that it’s the second time I have to ‘close app’ on Gears 4 just to go back to main menu.

Results are taking longer than expected is back…


Urgh. Nothing is working right now.

That’s it. No more Gears today.

I am not playing today either!

Same for me and my Friends!

Fix It!

Want real GLOBAL 4XP!!

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Yeah exactly. This is really a shame. A lot of connection problems and at the end no 4xp!!! At least the team should say something about this problem!!



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Same here

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I’m surprised you could even play. I got error codes earlier.

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