Glitched VS achievements: Do you have the same problem with another account?

Yesterday my tracker didn’t go up for Covering fire, so today I tried with a normal account (That account has unlocked some story related achievements, but never played VS) going for kills and me going for assists. The rest of the enemies were dummies account (guess accounts)

Well, that account was on Series X, and the tracker didn’t go up either (For the achievement about killing 25.000 enemies).

That account killed more than 500 enemies (2%) but the progress shows 0.

I know that my account is glitched because of the problems that I had with Centaur set, Seriously and when the first time I logged in on Series X and the tracker updated.

It’s just bad luck that the 2nd account progress bar didn’t go up or maybe the problem is related to something else?
(I hosted a private custom online CTF)

Did you restart the game and log in as your second account again after getting the kills to see if it then updated the % progress for the “Yep, I’d say They’re Dead” achievement?

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I tried that now and 2nd account has progress on 2 achievements (Kills and damage)

Forgot that sometimes waiting more hours can be the answer for the tracker to going up.

Sadly I logged in on Series X but I have no new progress :neutral_face:

Maybe if I play on Series X instead of playing on Xbox one my tracker would show the correct %

I’ve done several hard resets, left the console unplugged overnight and tried deleting my local save file. Nothing. I only have the Versus achievements left minus Absolute Carnage but they haven’t updated in months. I’m definitely due a damn % increase so it’d be nice to know accurately where I stand.

@AceMcCloud Do you have any way of letting TC know of this? Chances are they’re aware after Seriously 5.2’s problems but some actual acknowledgment from them would be nice. I’ve messaged on multiple platforms but to no avail.

I’d recommend not switching between consoles until you know your telemetry data has been recorded by Xbox Network for Gears 5 (ideally you see progress increase but depends if you did enough for 1%).

I would also recommend a restart of Gears 5 when you’re done for the day, so instead of shutting off the console and putting it into quick resume (on Xbox) for Gears 5, instead quit the game, load it up, log into the game as your profile from the start screen, wait until your character appears on screen, the tour and squad menus have loaded.

Then quit the game, turn off the xbox and go to bed or outside, or whatever else you were going to do. Or switch to your other console if you are for some reason using two back and forth.

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Hey @GB6_Kazuya they are aware and looking into it still last I heard.

I posted a little update here.


Ah, I filled in this form originally but am now just seeing the updates.

Thanks :+1:

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