Glitched ToD challenges

Anybody else have any issues with some of their tour challenges stopping from being tracked? I’ve got 4-5 for obliterator and I’ve done it about 3 more times now and nothing and the same with my hive masters 5 got 6-10 but it’s no longer tracking that one either and I’ve beaten two more of them. So far those are the only ones that I’ve noticed just weird that it was working then stopped.

For obliterator you have to get a quintuple kill. Basically kill 5 people as fast as possible not go 5 kills without dying.


I cant get the carmine medal to move for ■■■■ tbh

My carmine was glitched to but it seemed to track when I played the escape daily so I just did that x10 over 2 days. As for quintkill I haven’t gotten one of those in any of my matches so it’s weird that I’ve got 4-5 for it if that’s the case.

I think the first 4 are actually go 5 kills without dying and the last one is the quintuple kill. I hadn’t done them either only doing the first but then it stopped. So I went for the quin and it tracked.

Alright well hopefully I can get lucky sometime in the next 18weeks leave it to this game to pull some ■■■■ on it’s ■■■■ LoL. You should give the escape daily a try as carmine and see if that works for you.

Thanks for the heads actually, I will :ok_hand: and good luck.

Took a lot of patience before I finally got it lmao

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