Glitched fabricator menu

Slightly off topic, but i’ve come across the glitch a few times now, normally when I’m playing as Fahz.

Sometimes when I join a custom game of horde I can’t use the fabricator at all.
When I open the menu it shows EVERYTHING that can be built, but, if you select something it either doesn’t work or gives you something different than what’s displayed.

I try to buy grenades, I get an Embar.
I try to buy a weapons locker - in the fortifications section. And I get boltok ammunition.

It’s making horde almost unplayable for me, even on lower levels because you can’t buy ammunition and have to rely on ammo crates. I end up having to manage each wave with about 6 sniper rounds.

Has anyone else encountered this?


The fabricator thing is weird, but if you buy a weapon you are already holding it will refill your ammo.

i noticed this when i was trying to grind to get frag kills and it wouldnt let me buy frags as sarah connor

Ive had this happen a few times its a visual bug, The only thing you can do is try to remember where the items you can buy are. So for Fahz if you look in and the first thing its showing is a lancer and then whatever this is Fahzs set up
Repair tool frags boltok
Markza longshot embar

barrier locker


Haven’t experienced (yet) getting something else when I buy from the fabricator but it happens quite often that you cannot buy anything at all.

Maybe it will be fixed or maybe it won’t, this is just one bug out of dozens that have been reported.

This happens a lot. You have to be the first player to buy frags or you are locked out. Fab acts crazy at times. Can’t buy weapons locker but barriers are fine. This is with a lot of power in fab.

When I was depositing power to the fabricator I do sometimes see all fortifications even though my character can’t build most of them. I haven’t tried to select anything because I wasn’t the engineer so I haven’t tested it.

Ran into this issue the other day. JD couldn’t buy the lancerGL even though there was enough power. It was showing me all weapons available which is also wrong.

I and at least one of the guys I was playing with experienced this yesterday.

Its a visual glitch. You can still buy what your character has available in the fab you just gotta know what spot its in

For JD on the weapons side the first thing is a repair tool and the second are frags no matter what you see. Not sure on the rest