Glitch on Lift gotta get fixed

i read about it here a few days ago but it actually just happened to me. the shutters were down and the guy sniped me right through the shutters lol. they gotta fix that


The opposite happened to me, with the shutters open n Boomed my self.


wow now im never gonna attempt to shoot the boom out the window on lift LOL :rofl: :man_facepalming:

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@xxxGAUNTLETxxx (I believe?) tried to shoot two Dropshots into that room and it bounced off.

How did they mess this up so badly and why hasn’t it been fixed yet is beyond me.


i tried to throw a shock grenade into the open shutters and the grenade hit nothing and downed me and i died. its pretty shocking how TC hasnt fixed this issue or even really acknowledged it for this long

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What’s interesting is bullets go through the “wall” but explosives don’t.

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You mean like so many other things that also still haven’t been fixed…


Yes, but this one is so obvious and can be easily replicated 100% of the time. A lot of the issues are more complex than this one although I do agree they need a fix too.

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Im guessing that someone tried to summon a poltergeist in that room and the poltergeist doesn’t like grenades going into his room…either that or theres an invisible gnome kicking the grenades away…I mean that’s the only logical explanation i have

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Exact same happened to me a few days ago… first of all I was in a cloud of smoke when I got shot, but that’s ok I was marked so I was prepared to say nice shot, until I seen the kill cam and he was on opposite side of the map shooting through closed shutters…

Haha, nature of this bug is simple when you know how Unreal Engine collision detection works. If shutters are in closed state, but shutter model is up (what technically happens when you want to close shutter after it was opened), all physically existing projectiles (grenades, boomshot bomblet, arrow, dropshot drill, etc.) will hit collision wall that works properly. But if you use gun that only process the simple bullet trajectory ( assault rifles, sniper rifles, embar, pistols) would go through, because someone doesn’t took into account that shutter model could be bugged and simple invisible wall isn’t calculated when checking obstacles when you shoot with those guns.

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thats the exact same thing that happened to me haha. same way and reaction

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I’m unclear on the bug.

So I realize shutters appear open/closed on various different players screens in the match. So you visually cannot trust if it is open or shut.

However, assuming they are really open, both visually and in reality, is there a limit on what can actually be passed through the window?

I know bullets absolutely.

But can you send any projectiles; boom, drop, or grenades through the window?

I have never been able to do so but am not aware if it was because of the glitch and the windows were actually shut.

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Yep first one I thought it bounced off the top , second one on active I was like I got these guys now huddling up on ring. I aimed super low dam thing bounce right in my face and almost killed me.

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No shock’s either. Won’t explain that one lol

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Lift was created in gears 4 to be a competitive esports map so it makes sense it’s broken.

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ohh of course

TC logic. They probably couldn’t get the time right if they were staring at a clock.

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Mostly your assuming is right. It works like this (to be honest, my theory is based on my experience working on unreal engine and observations):

  1. Shutter is created by 2 elements - a physical model and a blocking volume (it’s virtual object invisible in game but has implemented blocking ability, and you can choose what this volume can block)
  2. On match start shutter is closed (model is on its place and blocking volume is active), all projectiles and bullets are blocked.
  3. Player switches button, shutter opens, volume is set to disabled /inactive. Nothing is blocking anything.

Now is a part how it should work
4. Player again switches button, shutter closes, volume is active/enabled.

And how its working
4. Player again switches button, shutter does nothing on client, volume is active.

And this is what we see, every weapon that does not use projectile (all assault rifles, snipers, pistols, shotguns) can shoot throughout Window, all projectiles are blocked. Why did they use blocking volume? To prevent explosives to kill someone through closed shutter (it’s too thin and irregular to properly calculate explosion radius and obstacles), and prevent projectiles passing through shutter (irregular shape with little holes).

There is a chance that shutter open/close state doesn’t replicate on some clients(players) properly, that means player 1 has opened shutter, player 2 has closed and rest of players have opened. So player 2 could not shoot through shutter, as all hit calculation are made on client side(player, server do some correctness, but it’s rather relates to who shoot first) and rest player could shoot through window without problems.

I can be wrong, cause I did not see how it was made, but after making some observations, I think it’s closest to truth as it can be.

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