Glided weapon set

If I destroy my gilded weapon set in GOW4 does it still appear in Gears 5?

It should. It is linked to your profile.

Have you tried searching the forum for an answer???

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Yes it will, but you’re weird for doing that.


Is the gilded weapon challenge retroactive (i.e. I already have achievements unlocked for all gears games) or do I need to earn new achievements for each game?

Did you bother to look at the challenge on the road to gears 4 page??

Yes I did. So please enlighten me on what I am missing. I have played and unlocked achievements on all gears games in the past.

The you should have them. Have you checked the game???

Yes I logged in gears 4 and no messages saying I got the set. Checked my weapons skins, not there either.

I checked road to gears 5 hub, it doesn’t mention that I have completed the challenge. Checked my achievements and indeed I have achievements for all gears titles.

Thats why I’m wondering wether your need to earn new achievements or does you past achievements count as well. Some of them are from years ago.

Doesn’t say what is required on my page, but in another thread someone said that UE was missing from the list. Did you get one for that too (just checking)?

Its retroactive. So you should have them in your inventory. What time did you check?? It went like at 10m pt/1pm est

I checked 2/3 hours agl, so it should have been activated. Donno what to make of it now.

You sure its retroactive? It doesnt say so on the road to gears 5 hub…

Check out the raod to gears 5 hub:

UE is definitely in the list

it definitely is. I unlocked them already and I havent gotten an achievement from any of the games in a while

Well hope they will unlock in the coming days. Cant do anything about it now. Thanks for your help bud.

You sure you have an achievement from every Gears game??? 1, 2, 3, 4, UE and Judgment?

I was using the link on the gears home page; it took me to the one with the trackers. On that one it doesn’t list the requirements.

Gilded weapons actually unlocked for me yesterday afternoon (US east). I completed achievements for both 4 and UE recently (within the last month); but, I don’t think that should matter.

Yes I do, tripple checked:

Gears of war- 33
Gears of war 2-35
Gears of war 3-31
Gears of war Judgement - 1
Gears of war UE - 14
Gears of war 4 - 80

For the weapon skins no achievement popped up. It was like the daily rewards that pop up on the bottom right corner. Did you see a bunch of that when you signed on?

Nope I didn’t see any reward messages when I logged in. I even checked my skins and they weren’t there.

Maybe I should try restarting my xbox or something, just to log off live as well.