GL launcher isn't fully reloading?

Is anyone else having this issue? I know there’s a big thread about bugs/glitches for operation 3 but I don’t feel like reading the whole thing.
Been playing horde lately with my brother and his son. My brother has been using JD cause he just got razor hail. He has launcher capacity to like lvl 2 I think. When he buys a GL from the fabricator he has 5 grenades. When he puts it on the locker sometimes it only loads up to 4. I know they increased the time it takes to refill the explosives but he’s left it on a locker for 5 waves at some times. That has to be enough time to refill al of them so something else might be at play here.

Also while I have your attention. Some times when we pick up energy the hordes are dropping way more than usual. Like a drone will drop 340 energy. Then a few waves latter it’s back to like 40 or whatever it is. It’s like the game is confused if were playing Horde or Horde Frenzy.

The energy starts shrinking once dropped by the enemy. Are you picking it up right away every time?

And yeah, the locker has issues sometimes with loading Freedom Lancer. I think it has been that way since before Operation 3.

Sometimes we do sometimes we don’t. It depends on how dangerous the combat zone is and how many mobs are left. I don’t think that is the case here because some mobs drop a lot more than they usually do regardless of when we pick it up. It feels like the game thinks were playing frenzy and it’s giving us more energy for a 12 wave run but were playing to 50.

Is anyone using Kait?
Her passive makes enemies drop more energy.

Nope. It’s just the 3 of us. A JD, an engineer and whoever the 3rd wants to be.

If you play with less people, you get more per drop.

Were playing 50 waves with just the 3 of us but some of the early waves will give us double-triple what we normally get. Then after wave 10ish it goes back to normal.

Bring up the GL issue not recharging still! Since I believe OP3 this has been going on. You put the GL on the locker all wave and only 2 of the 3 are loaded. The only fix seems is take it off and put it back on.

Still 100 issues that TC said they have fixed and yet it’s not. Just like your character freezing up when you’re next to a boss when they die. That has been fixed at least twice now. If TC was a mechanic shop they would change your oil but leave the same filter on. Hmmm can’t figure out why the community keeps losing trust in them.

Hey @the-coalition since it’s so close to Christmas I believe the community has made a list over the past year and a half guess you better check it twice.

But… But… we players were bad in this year especially in this forum and maybe in Twitter, too. We don’t “desereve” good things! :open_mouth:

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