Giving more reward for assists might improve overall team work in objective game types

Most people in this game struggle with finding a good group to work with. People get so concerned over there personal record like K/D that when in objective game types they do not focus on winning the game. They get to afraid to sacrifice them selves as a distraction to win. Or they won’t pull out their Lancer to help a team mate in a shot gun battle cause they won’t get kill reward. Definitely need to figure out how to give reward for this.

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Only way this works is getting .3% kdr(insert arbitrary number) per assist then everyone an their mums will be rocking highly inflated kdrs, not that it’s an issue but I’m sure some purests would find one.

Personally this would suit me down to the ground as I’m always sacrificing myself for the greater good…

Damage done made a positive impact towards determining individual performance. You can have a low kill count but if your damage is high then no one will care.

I played Control, and there was a Gnasher fight. I was in the ring so I helped my teammate with Lancer. After my teammate won the fight, he got closer to me and started doing melee. After that he wrote “That was a 1 vs 1, I don’t want help”.

I didn’t use my lancer for the rest of that match.


As a certain pepper would say…

Gears fans. The gift that keeps on giving.


I would of made sure to shoot anyone he was trying to fight if that was me, wanna 1v1?, go play customs, don’t be wasting 3 other people’s time


The system is fine the way it is IMO. It’s not perfect in terms of assessing a players contribution to a win/loss, but it’s decent.

Certainly way better than the elims crap we had before this. That was a joke.

Selfish players will be selfish players.

Sadly, you can’t make people play smarter by making changes to scoring. Some players just often seemingly play like they had blinders on.
And you can’t change the minds of people who still, after 15 years, believe Lancering is a noob thing. :man_shrugging: They’ll have to grow out of it by themselves.

Besides, assists are rewarding enough as it is. Especially now that you can see how much damage players dealt during the match.