Giving control a chance

So the unthinkable has happened. I never like trying new things, and execution 2.0 is simply getting boring for me. I do enjoy the fact that the matches tend to be brief. However, when playing with my buddies, the max I can play for is 2 hours then I get bored and play a different game. I was considering trying out different game modes, like control. I want to see what the hype is about. Control seems to be popular. I just hate the idea of people respawning so many times and having the match drag out forever. But, if it’s fun, it shouldn’t be that bad. What are y’all thoughts on control compared to the other pvp game modes? & If you play it, add me so I can have a team to play with semi- consistently. Since I’ve never touched it, we should be paired with trash players, that way we can run through enemies at first lol.

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Escalation has been getting some attention lately, mainly because they removed the spawn limit I believe.

Edit: Also, if you think Control is bad you should’ve seen 5v5 KOTH lol, hour long matches. Control is maybe 20 minutes per match at worst but typically shorter from my experience.

I dig Control. It’s mostly what I play . Some FFA here and there but Ranked Control is my go-to.

When it first came out I didn’t like that it was one long round. I ■■■■■■■ and complained but honestly I think I like it now as much as KOH with the best of 3 shorter rounds. The matches don’t go forever. I find at the top end they go about 16-17 minutes. And much shorter against weaker competition.

I hate Guardian. Absolutely hate it.

Ayeeee. Alright add me, and we’ll play some games tomorrow.


Been meaning to play control with you for a bit

Sounds good. You’ve been acting bougie lately, and not playing with me :joy: , but yeah im gonna take a break from execution for a bit.

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Ik. Been trying to learn how to play with a mouse latley, so haven’t wanted to get too sweaty. But I’m getting the hang of it now.