Giving Away Rockstar Items


If this picture doesn’t work for you then hopefully this link will help you see the skins better

I have codes for all the banner/skin packs EXCEPT the Circle K reward (Del Banner and Lancer Skin)

I would like to give ONLY ONE PACK PER PERSON so that more people get to add to their collection rather than just one “big” winner. You won’t be getting the Xbox Live and Game Pass trial days as those were separate codes and I kept those for myself :grin:

Just comment which of the packs you would like. the first person to request a pack I will DM the code for it when I get the time during the coming week. So if you see someone already requested a pack please request another instead of duplicate asking.

PLEASE REQUEST BY BANNER/SKIN LISTED BELOW and not the pack number in the picture/on their website and hopefully I can get you the correct pack as they were rewarded in a wonky order by Rockstar compared to the order they show they would be rewarded.

  1. Scorpion Banner - Supply Drop - Day of Boost Congrats @ll_R_E_D_l
  2. Kait Banner - Supply Drop - Day of Boost Congrats @THE_A_KING_85
  3. JD Banner - Supply Drop - Day of Boost Congrats @Tom_Thee_Bomb
  4. Marcus Banner - Supply Drop - Day of Boost Congrats @a_mega
  5. Rockstar Lancer Skins (Kait, JD, Marcus, Scorpion) Congrats @Jaylin117x
  6. Swarm Banner - Swarm Lancer Skin - Day of Boost Congrats @Blazinghawk505

The lancer skins look nice, particularly the Marcus one. How’d you get ahold of them? I’ve been scouring every circle k I can find and haven’t found a single collector’s can.

I’ll gladly take whatever you’d be willing to give me

If I have to choose, the Scorpion

So are you saying you would like the lancer skin pack? :grin:

If you create an account with the location set to United Kingdom the Walmart and Circle K rewards are given to you as your next 2 packs after the initial 5. No need for a special code from the locations.

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Hehe, oh yeah, yes please :grin:

Can’t get the promo in my country so would appreciate any generosity

So I need a vpn to set my location to UK for the del lancer right?

Also the swarm pack would be great. Thanks so much for your generosity.

This post only has ONE like at the time of writing? And that was mine…

Show this guy some love, he’s been a bro here

When you set up the account it outright asks you which country you want your account tied to. I chose UK despite living in US and have had zero issues with code redemption on the site or with the Xbox codes received from them.

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Swarm Lancer would be dope, thanks.

Yeah I would take any one that is left when you see my message. I just like having any original items on games. Kait banner looks cool or any one that has an original item in it bro cheers in advance

Sorry man, already asked for by another before you.

Ah well, worth a shot. Thanks.

Only the JD Banner pack is left folks!

Thanks lmlan very much appreciated

I’ll take jd banner pkease

All the codes are out there in the wild now!

Hope those who got some goodies enjoy them.

Understand if this thread needs closing @GhostofDelta2 now that it has served its purpose.


Will do so people don’t half read it and keep posting expecting codes.

Thanks for being great to the community :slight_smile: