Giving Away Duplicate Skins 👥/ Responding to my qustion and comment

I partner up with my son, completed and passed all :gear:GEARS games together. So I just had a thought of sharing or passing down duplicate skins for weaponary or duplicate characters to my son. My son says there is no way of doing that? So can you guys figure that out? Or make it possible? If you guys can not pull it off on :gear:4 maybe 5? And how would you go about doing that? Would we have to have a joint account or seprate or does it matter? It would be cool if it could happen… But if it does make sure I get some type of credit or cash for the idea. Email me direct at REDACTED if THE COALITION likes my idea.©

Thank You for responding to my qustion and comment, so yes just to clear things up, The credits you earn or are rewarded from gameplay to shop at store or the credits you earn on scrapping your “Dupplicates” of cards, weapon skins, characters. Not from online purchases and passing those packs down to your co op player that is side by side with you on the same system. But thanks for hearing me out and hope the idea works for future Gear projects. But who are these other comments from? Do these pupils work for you? Forgive me for this is my first time contacting sombody from a video game enterprise for I am honored that I have the prevlige to do so. But these comments I will just ignore, for I belive that this a group of children that were not taught to be quiet when “Adults Are Talking Business”! Or have never heard the saying “It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask”! Or just maybe dont know that companys have idea boxes/ suggestion boxes for the people and by the people that will improve and benefit torwards anything the company stands for. But everybody that is front of a Black Mirror should know that also people are trying to get paid and do achieve on doing so for anything that is being viewed, said and so on and so on in this silicon valley or electric avenue that we live in today. A comment read that I was not the only one with this idea? So tell me if my idea is on record or has anybody brought this Idea to your attention. THANK YOU FOR :gear:GEARS OF WAR :gear: and GAME ON.

TC is not going to pay you.


TC would only like the idea of patching it if someone does find out how to do it. :rofl: TC doesn’t let you pass the cards to anyone because they would lose money and Gears eSports wouldn’t get any with those competitions that gives us skins to claim for free.

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Pay you for the idea? Spunk on a bap! You’re not the first person to have had this idea you know!

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Gears of War 4 was heavily carried by the loot boxes and not the game itself. It’s the reason it was able to continue popping out more content spite the population and game sales. I Advise you just play the game like the rest of us @ABOUT_TO_LVL_UP and gamble away if you actually care.

I don’t think the OP is going to respond back. I bet he’s embarrassed. :rofl:


What credit? 500 people suggested that before you did.

That would make a black market for skins, that’s for sure.

By the way, clever idea to put your email here.


Heh. Imagine if I wrote a rip-off clone of “The Count Of Monte Cristo” and called it “The Count Of Cristo Monte” and demanded royalties?

Was? There still is. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I believe TC and Gears eSports gets a profit from anything purchased with real money, especially from those little kids using their parent’s credit card who didn’t set a password for purchasing stuff on Xbox. Gears eSports profits by the eSports Packs and TC profits from the other packs, and probably even gets a percentage of royalty from the eSports packs. But why would they tell you this? There is no law to give out your money revenue. They are a subsidiary company of Microsoft Studios that keeps their stuff private.
I hope you have fun playing the game like the rest of us.

I heard (and this is not confirmed in any official capacity) that revenue generated from eSports packs is split four ways: (1) 25% toward running eSport events; (2) 25% toward tournament prize pools; (3) 25% profits toward TC; and (4) 25% profits to MS.

Yeah, that makes better sense. I heard China just got into eSports to make money for their government.

OP, you just made my day. Thank you


This ideas been brought up numerous times, and there’s is no damn chance you’re getting a penny for it!

That annoyed me more than it should’ve.

It’s people like you that bring me back to my point that humanity really should’ve lost the war.


I find your unwavering loyalty to the Locusts mildly disturbing…

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You’d have to be blind to not see the humans as antagonists!

Now hush and play the original trilogy already! :grin:


Quick pole: who wants him to PAY money for bringing that up (instead of getting paid)?


TC should pay me then because i told my friends all the time back in the day how they were gonna have a gears of war 4 and that it’d have marcus’ son in it and what do you know here we are and i still haven’t gotten ANY payment

Shall we tell that other guy about this? Maybe he could finally afford to get Black Steel Benjamin if he submits ideas for money?


The personal attacks on this guy are pathetic. Sure, him suggesting TC pay him is laughable, but grow up. All of you.