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Give us the 8 shots back instead of 6

I was wondering why the decision was to reduced the mag size on the gnasher ?
I can live with no boosts for active reload . But reducing the mag is just stupid. In most situations you’ll only get one or two kills max unless you’ve got super good aim . Gears had always been close quarters game it’s so skilful and gets your heart pumping in those clutch moments . As a developer they should be embracing it. They are to worried about rifle play and worrying about new comers when frankly it’s the hardcore fans that keep the numbers high over the years the a new gears comes out . And pump more money into the game with micro transactions.
The only reason I can think of is why they are so full of energy about rifle play is for esports . Yeah course they have to have a even playing field, tactical gameplay . But I can guarantee people just want to see those shotgun battle moments the most , and to watch the most skilful players Hard at work .
Also just off topic change that omen ,it sucks ,stop trying to be like call of duty . I’m not paying £/$ 60 to watch a red screen most the time from people camped up lancering


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