Give us some dynamic maps ๐Ÿ˜…

I not gonna push this but it would be awesome to see a new or old map that are dynamic I would prefer newer maps but canโ€™t be to picky with what I get . I would be happy if they at least gave us one dynamic map



More maps like Reclaimed Windflare,

Thatโ€™s a fan favourite!


To continue with your idea - I think itโ€™d be cool to see the same map, but different versions of them.

For example, have Canals as a winter version, but also a summer version?

Same map, just different flavor?

(Same goes for other maps.)

This could work for round 1 and round 2.

Perhaps Winter version and then round 2 sun comes out and itโ€™s all melted away!

Maybe a bridge collapsed or something.

Would be cool to see :eyes:

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Oh, thatโ€™s creative stuff right there!!

Iโ€™ve seen a lot of games that have alternative maps, normally fighting games, like Mortal Kombat has done it for years, but I know Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor have different variants on maps, (day/night, winter/rainy) just so it never feels stale.

Just change power weapon spawn placements or ring placements. Enough of snipe in the same place on the same map forever.

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I really like dynamic maps. Disappointing that the community threw a tantrum at TCโ€™s efforts at dynamic maps in Gears 4. I appreciated them. I personally like variables and things that make a person think on their toes.

I like dynamic maps as well but in my opinion i thought that reclaimed windflare was a bit crazy. I did not like how the wind kind of pushes you back and if you threw a nade or smoke that it would go with the wind. It does make sense for all of that to happen but i would just like simpler dynamic maps like snow or rain.

Well thatโ€™s not dynamic, thatโ€™s just a weather effect. Unless you mean like Avalanche, which is more Dynamic.

Wow I hate you lol

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But we had SO much fun last time on that map!

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Oh yeah youโ€™re right! I forgot about the joys that the map held!
I can see it now. Sitting on the Tri-shot spawn, looking for opponents, then BAM! Lighting strike. You move out of the way just in time. โ€œiโ€™m safeโ€ you think to yourself. But just a second later, another blast of lighting strikes IN THE SAME SPOT. And you dieโ€ฆ

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Thatโ€™s exactly what I was thinking about.

It will haunt and annoy me forever :disappointed_relieved:

Grow trishot.

Lighting begins.

I jump out the strike zone.

Ok, safe to go back right?

pick up trishot

Lightning again,


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I good metaphor for TC logic.
Just when it starts to make sense, and you think you have it figured out, reality smacks you in the face

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All maps should be dynamic. Thatโ€™s something that Unreal Engine does wonderfully.

Time of Day, lighting, full on weather effects, atmospherics and pretty much anything you can think of all renders in (un)real time so thereโ€™s no need to prebake anything.

They can still add a flood, windflare, or even a blizzard as a random, timed or a triggered event.

Just imagine Checkout v4.0 could have a sprinkler system go off when someone pulls the fire alarm and the floor floods ankle deep while vision is severely limited by the showers. With that now the area of effect shifts and shock grenades would now stun everyone standing in water.

Yo Fenix, I have added your question to this Gears 5 Survey!:

I really liked this idea:

what I ment was maps like trenches avalanche or flood That changed as the game modes went on for flood in gears 2 There was certain modes that would cause the map to flood and others modes map would stay how it is

I think the reason the maps used to be so much better and more dynamic in older Gears games is that they were designing them basically just for execution, whereas now each map has to work in a variety of very different game types.

Thatโ€™s why Gears 4 maps (and the first two Gears 5 maps weโ€™ve seen) basically look like a big box with various crates placed around for cover and a different skin thrown on top.