Give us Locust in horde and escape, please

I remember back in the good ol’ days of Mass Effect 3 , there was a multiplayer Co-op mode where you could select which kind of enemies to fight , and I also remember there was a free DLC Pack that allowed you to fight the Collectors.
Theorically , according to the ME lore , Collectors would be all be dead by ME2 , but that didn’t break the immersion at all.
They could do certain Maps set in the Locust-War.
I bet dozens of people would love to see Maps set into the Hollow/Nexus , or into old Jacinto , Anvil Gate etc.
Or they could simply allow the player to choose what enemy to fight , having Locust , Swarm and DBs as different categories.

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The only thing you’re wrong on is the friendly fire in escape. Escape has friendly fire and on the harder difficulties you can down your teammate in a couple shots. Not like it’ll make it harder to distinguish teammates though. Other than that I don’t see the problem. We’re not fighting against locust anymore and you can put blue LED on them in PvE. We’re already getting COG with red LED in free for all so why not do the opposite in PvE.

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Yea all that too. I don’t see why we can’t be swarm/locust fighting against COG soldiers and DBs. And have choices of enemies. Oh wait! These are good idea’s! Those aren’t allowed around here.


They need to add both the Locust, and the Lambent.

Horde is kinda boring right. With a mixture of all enemy types (Swarm, Deebee, Locust, and Lambent) during waves, we’d have way more variation/fun while playing.

They don’t even need to record new voice lines for targeting a Locust/Lambent imo. Just use to good ol’ “Enemy Marked!”

Problem solved! :wink:

Not down but you can completely deplete all your team mates’ HP that a single stray bullet from enemy AI would down them.

Uhhhh…thanks for the rant. My response was in relation to putting swarm or locust on the horde team.

But to respond, Gears 5 horde is now less buggy than Gears 4 three years after launch.

If you think Marcus should use a lancer on higher difficulties and later waves, you are probably not thinking it through. There’s these things called power weapons. Look them up.

Well, I don’t want Sarah Connor in the game either.

Ahh yes right. I haven’t played escape much since launch. It just feels like a chore.

Well if you did Locust vs Swarm you could still see a grandma beating the crap out of a swarm monster, thatd be Kaits Grandma after she eventually gets added… ok smarta** aside itd be cool to have Locust involved in those either way

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First of all: I just wrote, what I think to the things you wrote. That´s a forum, that´s the way this system works. A person write something, a other person answered and then…there is a dialog or discussion or something in this way. So I just wrote my opinion.

And where I say, that Marcus must use a lancer on the higher waves? I think you did not read complete or haven´t understand what I mean.

I mean, that a JD or a Kait can use there standard weapons, because especially with the bleeding perk, they are extremly strong. A Del, Marcus, COG, Sarah, Emile, KAT, Fahz, they all must use Tri-Shots or something, because there normal damage is just useless.

How it was in 4? A expert had a Dropshot and a Boomshot, a soldier his grenades, a sniper the longshot and the embar, a scout the gnasher and the overkill and a engineer had not realy time to shoot and if he had one sometimes, than he had build a gun turret. There was no reason for power weapons, because the most weapons were strong enough.

Now with the system in 5 they just make many chars useless. Why you should take a Marcus? To use a Tri-Shot? There you didn´t need Marcus for. You can use it with a COG, Emile and all other weak chars too. I just mean, that TC has to fix the balancing of the chars, so that every single char have something special, which make it worth to play.

And to come back to the original thread:

Yes Locust/Lambent need to come back to Gears 5 and there is nearly nothing TC can say, which could justify that they can not be part of the game.


god yes please

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I can fix what you’re saying…
It makes zero sense to have locust fight with cog against the swarm. What TC can do is have a reverse horde mode where it just flips sides, you can play as swarm or locust and defend against waves of COG and the villains have their own abilities like the COG. It would definitely add more variety to the game as a whole and give more meaning to unlock villain characters.

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Or Kait, Sarah, and Myrrah (Grace and Kat at least barely have the excuse of having cybernetic implants/being a super soldier) lifting characters like Clay and Raam of f their feet, one handed, like they’re the size of frigging kittens.

Also to add, one of the best things about gears of war 3 horde was how whenever you would fight against locust and Lambent at the same time locust and lambent would also fight each other. Higher rounds got intense because you’d have drudges fighting drones and boomers fighting gunkers etc. TC needs to implement this too because with three way battles like this every round is hard to predict and gives more variety to the horde mode.


I agree, I would love to see the locust, swarm, lambent and DeeBees in Horde mode. I miss wretches and tickers just throw it all at me…and add the queen and raam in boss levels. … if only