Give us Locust in horde and escape, please

If you want us to spend money on, or grind for dozens of hours for, these Locust skins and characters, at least let us use them in both PvP and PvE.

None of the old excuses work anymore.
“It will confuse players” was, firstly, an insult to the intelligence of your fan base. Even when Locust were the primary enemies, this excuse was pretty lack luster, but now it’s just nonsensical. Plus, friendly fire isn’t a concern in these games, so even if players were to get temporarily confused, the consequences would be minimal.

“It goes against the lore” doesn’t hold water either. Not when we have two Spartans, a grandma, and an androgynous cyborg, from different universes, in all these modes already.

“They don’t have skill cards or voice lines for these modes” Then make some. You already waste time adding expressions to these characters, it wouldn’t take much more effort to add PvE voice lines.

Bottom line is, there’s no good reason to not let us play as Locust characters in horde and escape.


yes this is a great idea it would get me to pay more attention to both modes. at the moment theres not much i find entertaining about them especially since gears has for the most part lost its horror aspect. the locust have a very evil and fun feel to them that you can only get from gears of war and as of this moment theres not any classic character skins for the cog . also sadly Raam has a voice line problem his voice line for sprinting is a standard locust drones breathing not Raams.

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I think horde is fine as is, but I’d love to see a throw back mode with only locust enemies.


The point of this post seems to be to actually play as them. Not fight them.

I personally do not want this, seeing as I see Horde/Escape as human/COG vs Swarm/Locust modes. But they should just bring I don’t know, Beast back for those who want to play Locust or Swarm.


Beast mode, yes. But like you say it doesn’t make sense to have locusts fighting with you in horde. Thanks for explaining the post though :woman_facepalming:.

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I really just want locust as enemies in horde and escape. There’s no such thing as too much enemy variety.

We’ve been begging for this since gears 4… I hope they actually do it in gears 5. It would really freshen up horde in particular.


Great idea, in fact someone asked Ryan in twitter that possibility and he replied that it is possible in the future,
In my opinion that change would make me play horde much more and that can be applied to Escape as well (having Locust as enemies in Escape)

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100% agreed with you, that would be Epic to see again original locust the Grinder, drones, Boomer, Beast Rider, Grandier and maybe after that some lambent but at least the Locust
Also the possibility for chainsaw the Sires in Gears 5, they seem to be unable to get chainsawed


Hell, this would be a nice addition to the game.

Half of the game doesn’t make sense anyways, so I don’t see why we can’t have locust enemies as playable characters in an already arcade-ish horde mode where Spartans, Sarah Connor, pumpkin-headed monsters, and sometimes even terminators pop up.


Very unlikely. I and as you say we all have been banging on about this since 2016. I really, no REALLY thought TC would put them back in 4.0. If they didn’t do at launch I think it is highly unlikely to almost impossible to think they will add them in now.

So peed off they didn’t and just can’t work out why. Maybe in 5.0? but judging by their track record probably not.

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This is a serious question - why do so many people go on about locust and onyx guard? I’ve seen it be so important to some people they said they wouldn’t play the gears 5 if onyx guard wasn’t put into operation 2. I’ve played and completed all campaigns apart from judgement and feel like I’m missing something.

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Wow what a lame idea. I thought you’d suggest having Locust as enemies in Horde and Escape. That would be great. I’d love to have Locust, wretches, kantus etc. As enemies next to Pouncers, flocks and rejects.

But playing as Locust against Swarm in Escape and Horde? That would look sooo weird.

I’ve said it in Gears 4 also Gears 5,To add locust into horde/Escape,It certainly would make my day,


Yeah i wanted beast more than that boring escape mode with practically 2 bullets every ammo drop…


Perhaps, but would it look weirder than a grandma beating a 6’2 monster to death with her bare hands?
I think not.


Yes. Why would the monster cooperate with the grandma. Though I’m not sure who you mean exactly.

I must say, that I completly disagree with your opinion. The horde mode is the worst I´ve ever seen in the Gears universe. And no, I didn´t played the horde mode of Judgement, only the campaign.

Just a few points:

  • It´s full of bugs (like the rest of the game)
  • no kick out setup as host in a game or in the lobby anymore
  • no iron for playing
  • no new fortifications except the forge
  • no gun towers anymore
  • you can not play what you want with which char you want
  • some chars are to strong, some are to weak (who ever played on master with a Marcus and only use lancer know what I mean)
  • Not many different enemie types (just swarm and Deebee´s)

Thats the things, which I have in my head right now, I´am sure there are many other things too.


Sorry I forget to answer to the thread itself. :smile:

Bringing locust back in the Gears universe would help a lot, but like I know TC, they only would sell this as a package in there store.

“Have locust back in horde and escape, nothing new, just old locust, now only 10.000 iron!”

I just like to see overrun and/or beast mode come back into the universe

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He’s obviously talking about Sarah Conor. He has a point in the fact that although playing as locust in horde would look weird TC do what they like when they are trying to plug crap like the new terminator and halo which don’t look right in the game so why not let us play as locust in horde.

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