Give us inconceivable 25 waves!

C’mon, Coalition!

Quicker to finish, even with one or two quitters.

(And we can escape from rookies leeching on insane).


I can understand not having it on special events, but a standard Frenzy would be nice just so I don’t have to try to join a full 50 waves.

It’s such a blow taking 2 hours to get through horde. 25 waves is so much more enjoyable because the pacing of wave difficulty makes only waves 1 and 2 of each set your “breather” rounds and then it’s nonstop shooting at some big enemy.

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How about a bounty too?!!


I thought of this as an alternative to events.

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@anon86589457 @WrinklyHornet34 @RelaxedHoffman @Belkain

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25 waves of Inconceivable? At every 5th wave a boss? After every 5th wave a health and accuracy boost for the enemy? Are you mad? … Ok lets do it


That’s crazy.

I like it.

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Thumbs up! There’s no reason not to do this.

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Inconceivable to 50 and Horde Mania Insane wasn’t hard enough.
I want a real challenge :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sign me up!

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I’d certainly try it, if only to embarrass myself. Ha. Insane 25 mania does seem easy with decent team. Hell, a single good player and myself have carried enough games.

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Watch the legendary Brumak of hell on wave 25…

Yup. I find Kestrels more of a pain personally.

Oh, I forgot heavenly justice Kestrel of pain!

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