Give us free skins for the delay

Waiting 4 more weeks for the new operation is mind numbing . There’s nothing to do .
Give us some challenges for some character skins to keep us going .
Fortnite did it when they delayed there season .
I’m sure it’s a win win for you tc . Keeping the player base active maybe bring a few people back for the ones that have completed the operation already .
Also how come you but a different mp playlist every week but nothing for horde players last time you did something for horde it was at Christmas time . Come on tc get a grip on things


I’m fine if they just give @untouchable_lou a free skin and nobody else :upside_down_face: I’m still busy chasing medals.

Keep in mind that during the last operation they extended the weeks only to cut them short when they were finally ready!

I had them done 30 days in. How’s the game been these last 50 days?

I don’t know, pretty good? I only play on weekends because I’m too tired after work. Still have like 24 medals to go.