Give us a slot for secondary choices in Horde or Escape lobbies

This annoys me. It has for a while.

Before I jump into a custom or public Escape or Horde match, I normally load up a custom private match to set my character and cards. I select the cards for the character based on the map in most situations. I get that some characters generally run the same cards regardless of the map.

There is no way to see what characters are already present until you join a lobby. If the host or someone above you in the lobby has chosen the same character, there isn’t time once the host starts the countdown starts to change to another desired character, much less switch cards.

I jumped into an escape run yesterday. The host clicked start instantly as I joined. Realizing that the host was also my character, I immediately tried to switch, but the game auto resolved the duplication. Put me in as JD.

I completed the run, but I certainly wouldn’t have chosen JD over any other character. I’m not a fan of how the game auto resolves duplicates. The lobby countdown should either reset, give enough time for a character swap, pause until the character is manually changed, or simply give us the ability to chose a second, third, etc choice.

When this happens with horde, I usually just quit as soon as I can. Not playing a full run with a character I didn’t choose.

Seems like auto resolve should either:

1). Pick the highest level character of the duplicates and not this random whoever is higher in the lobby list.
2). If the game decides it should pick from the last characters played in the mode.
3). Provide the means for a proper switch of character and cards.

Edit: Escape speed runs are especially terrible for this. Starting the match the minute someone joins a lobby. It’s then a cycle hard to get out of without quitting out of an actual match.


I’d also add that private lobbies have a “ready” button for everyone to click. It wouldn’t over-ride or prevent the host from starting the game, but it would at least allow other players to communicate when they are ready.


Good idea. Seems like Apex and even Fortnite have that option.

Gears could still allow the host to maybe kick a player after a certain amount of time as well. That way one person couldn’t stall the lobby indefinitely.

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THIS, this happened to me in horde last night, accept it was just a case of I wasn’t ready, I joined a horde lobby as cog gear, but wanted to play as Clayton, but had started the match as soon as I joined with only me and him the host…

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Whenever I host, I always give it at least 5 seconds after someone joins the lobby; or in between games, so they can change characters etc. If they start changing character then I wait until they settle on someone and then wait another 5 seconds before I actually start the game. I mean, if I start too soon then chances are someone who wants to change characters will leave anyway so it’s basically in my best interests to be a bit patient.


Happens all the time, ill use in game chat and say thx for letting me change, then quit.

When i host(only escape) ill ask ready?? In chat, most times theres no reply then they leave after 20 seconds, u cant win.


Seems to be the best idea.

Implement TC!

There should also be a lobby preview to check which characters/classes are taken already. No point in going into a lobby where someone already plays Lizzie when I want to play her.

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I know. When you want to play a particular hero, that’s very frustrating. Especially when a new hero first releases.

That “I’m ready” option was available on Gears 1, I can’t believe TC didn’t think of it, specially the way RNG lottery works with resolving duplicate characters.

Let’s hope someone at TC gets this.

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Would be nice, but also a way for trolls to hold up lobbies by never hitting the ‘ready’ button.

But I do agree that I hate the way the game auto-resolves the duplicates. I was hosting a public Escape run the other day and during the final 3 seconds someone joined as the same character as me (I was a level 14 Paduk, leveling him, and the newcomer was a level 5 Paduk). The game then switched me, the host, automatically to a JD instead of making the newcomer change character. That needs to stop.


Yeah, can cause issues if you’re playing with randoms who aren’t giving you a chance to select your character and/or set up, then making snap judgments or even impulsively kicking in you in the lobby. It’s rare that they’re that toxic, but it has happened.

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The host could remove them if they don’t ready up in a few minutes.

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most times i join a Horde match or start new , it shows as previous Horde character i played,it can have a Ready/Not Ready Button, let it automatically countdown and you press Not Ready if you need to make changes, with ppl crying out for different characters and ultimates, i wanna see how it’ll all play out later on since people can mix ultimates with different characters(which i find ridiculous)

My suggestion was that the Host still controls the lobby so they can still start the game even if no one has clicked on “ready”. It’s just a little tool so people can communicate (if they want). And the Host still retains kick rights.

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