Give Them Time (Positive Post or Just My Inner Fanboy)

I think Operation 3 overall is actually a very solid update, outside of the lack of new maps.

And we still don’t even know the full extent of the update with the Versus breakdown coming today and Horde tomorrow.

There is still a lot they are going to cover.

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But we keep hearing that, Op 2 was supposed to be massive, then op 3 the same thing. The problem is the length until the next Operation. This operation was already pushed back a month so it will probably be a year since release before we actually get what we’ve been asking for. lot of the people here may come off as negative but they are just speaking from the heart. We all love this franchise and want it to succeed but at the rate its going its dying a slow death.

I find it weird that TC seems to think we need the info broken up into pieces. Even without a lot of us quarantined I think most of us can handle 1200 words. I think with Op 4 TC should just skip the “new” mode and focus on maps and characters. That right there would bring some life back into this game

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I do believe it’s a product of online-accessibility. In Gears 1 or 2 once it shipped–that was it. There were no “Day 1 patches” or seasonal updates.

Nowadays that we have these outs it’s either devs getting lazy “Eh we’ll do it later,” or it’s them trying to stick to a given deadline and mop it up later.

Thats not true at all. I dont really remember updates for Gears 1 but there were plenty of updates for Gears 2. It took 6 updates to get the game working for a bunch of people

Well updates yeah but not as often as they do it now, and I think it’s a different story with 2 because of it’s rushed nature compared to 1 & 3.

But it’s true for lots of games in the industry, not just Gears.

P.S. I’m going to troll you lightly for a bit because I am bored and have nothing else to do. Hope that’s okay :sweat_smile:


I could totally see @Mark36111 or @III_EnVii_III being just that whenever something they want appears in the Store. Or as a promotional item.

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You know its ok lol

But this isnt a personal problem is a TC is trying to milk to community problem lol


Oh totally,

It’s just,

I don’t think TC want that given how lacklustre the store it :sweat_smile:

Just making sure. Sometimes we aren’t in the mood for jokes and I want you to know I am not trying to be mean-spirited.

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But I AM.

C’mon @ll_R_E_D_l You poor or something bro? Sounds awfully bad for you my guy.

It–It’s okay I’m broke too.

Mr. @ll_R_E_D_l here ain’t broke man … he has 1 Visa credit card and 2 Mastercards credit cards. .

the problem here it’s that there isn’t anything interesting to buy in Gears 5 WONDERFUL Store.


There is a place where there is no limits to the Financial Imagination: THE MICROSOFT GAME STORE !!!
In such magical place you go as far as the limit of your credit card can go !!! :slight_smile:


I won’t be satisfied until we get soapy shirtless Clayton in the store.

I would buy Clayton , but not in a shirtless version… I rather have the SPEEDO Clayton instead hahahahaa :smile:


Technically it would be good to wear in the desert. Helmet to protect the eyes and a speedo to let the skin breathe.

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that could work . . I mean if they created WORKOUT FAHZ… Its quite possible they could make speedo clayton at some point hahahahaha

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I guess OP got his wish because this thread became extremely positive.


the core psychological status of the community its that they are angry ( included myself)

however out of respect of OP I’m trying my best to write nice things in his thread hahahaha :smile:

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Hasn’t been much to buy lately, unfortunately.

Well, let’s just hope that the Store will bring some better stuff in Op 3. What happened to the weekly Store reviews anyway? Even if they often weren’t useful for me personally, they were at least something to read and a decent change from the usual forum bickering and complaining about on-game issues. Sometimes they were also funny.