Give Them Time (Positive Post or Just My Inner Fanboy)

TL:DR Give TC time to fix the issues with Gears 5. They are listening whether you believe it or not. Give them time bc if they didn’t care they wouldn’t be working on it at all.

We’ve seen this before with Halo, Destiny, currently Anthem (tho this is still a mystery if it will ever get it’s overhaul and recover), etc. Happened in Gears 4 and is currently happening with Gears 5. For a AAA title to be in the state it’s in currently is bad for business. People are mad and have their reason which I don’t need to repeat as they’re all over Twitter, Reddit, FB, and these forums. I have my share of complaints as well.

With all of that said, this game can, and I believe will, come back from the brink. While we wish they were a little more transparent they are indeed listening. Biggest I noticed was the development change in the recent post about maps and Flashbangs moving to pickup only. Give it some time.

Yes, it’s inexcusable to release an unfinished AAA title this day and age. Gears 5 while far from perfect was at least a fully fleshed out game minus the lack of characters and maps.Weekly hives for Escape, sometime soon a map builder, new modes, etc. I get they wanted to take new liberties to grow the franchise. If they didn’t people would just complain it’s the same old thing. Horde has its troubles as well as MP. Can’t make everyone happy.

They’re working on it. Give them time. Changes to Horde and Escape will be coming but who knows when. I’m personally big in MP so those don’t effect me as much but as we know MP isn’t perfect either. Let’s see what changes are coming in the new update and give them the benefit of the doubt. If they truly didn’t care they wouldn’t be working on this game every day to make it better for us. Game development isn’t as easy as some of you think. Sure a few lines of code could make the difference but there are other processes and protocols to follow when they want to make these updates. Give it time. This game isn’t going anywhere.

But I didnt pay for a game in September 2019 to wait for it to get fixed or to get better. I do believe the people at TC care about the franchise but that only goes so far.

Games shouldnt be released broken and bare boned only to drip feed content and be fixed later on. We ended up with this state of gaming because for a long time we didnt speak up


I fully endorsed your opinion.

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Again, not denying their flaws as a developer or their mistakes with the game. I just feel if we’re true Gears of War fans we can speak up, hopefully have them fix their issues, and we as fans stick by them as this process happens.

Their microtransactions, while having out of whack pricing, aren’t predatory nor are they effecting gameplay. Get if you want. They heard us about Flashbangs, Ranked, Gnasher tuning, etc. They’re still learning it seems. You’d think they know enough now with this being their 3rd game in the franchise albeit only their 2nd they’ve had full control over but maybe not yet.

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Completely disagree. Breaking up sets into 1/2 free 1/2 purchase only is predatory. Charging $72 for a set is predatory

This is an excuse and one we shouldnt accept. Its not like this is the 1st or 2nd Gears title they developed


Fair point but I guess I’m looking at it from a different perspective. I feel if it’s cosmetic only whatever but if it’s pay to win regardless it’s predatory.

It’s technically their 2nd game as I don’t really count UE even tho they did build it from the ground up.

But this is why i said something and you’ve brought even more criticism to them. Even tho I was trying to put a positive spin to this thread I feel you’re criticism is good too. Maybe they’ll see it maybe not.

Just because its cosmetics doesnt mean it can be predatory. Charging more for 1 set of skins than it cost to actually buy the game is just insane

You may not count it but they still developed UE regardless if they didnt build it from the ground up.

Im just tired of hearing TC say things then waiting for them to take action. Im tired of having the same problems that were in 4 are still present in 5. Im tired of getting the same remakes over and over again. Not only that remakes no one asked for.


Being positive is cool and all. We have a few dudes here that are super positive about the game. However, you’re asking for time for TC. Time is not on their side if you ask me and many others here. With games out now and ones that are coming out, for both PS/Xbox, it’s only a matter of time until more and more people leave the game. Yes, it will happen and has happened already.


Not even Donald Trump has sufficient money to buy TC time at this point…

They had their chance , they blew it , now they have to pay the price…


The store is an okay compromise I would prefer the legacy skins they put out to have an earnable option and then I’d have far less complaints about it.

I defend this game in its artistic merit and new things TC try to do but the state of its launch was unacceptable and made me reaaaally glad I got it on Gamepass instead of a physical copy like the swindling that was Gears 4 Ultimate Edition.

In many ways Gears 5 is a better game than Gears 4 as an overal package and I have definitely enjoyed it more than 4, but we can’t keep quiet about busted launches and especially the price gouging at launch. It’s better now but it should have been at launch.

I can bet you dollars to donuts that MS played a huge hand in bringing the game out unpolished to promote GP, and it worked, but at the cost of lots of frustration. TC needs to get their management in order in order to work around MS’ demands here.

TC, please, find a way to buy yourselves more time to develop Gears 6 and ship it PROPER. People will be much more inclined to pay for stuff if you ship it clean.

I’ve said this since Gears 5 launch, its better to launch a complete and clean game than to release a bare bones game with no content at all.

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Yeah this is clearly not an Anthem situation. TC has made their share of mistakes but have shown they are committed to this game and making it as good as it can be.

Wishing for failure isn’t the right approach. Plenty of big AAA games get cancelled or are DOA. Gears 5 is neither of those and we should never wish that upon our favorite franchise.

If they were making absolutely zero progress since launch, I’d join the complainers 100%. But based on what I have been seeing, that is simply not the case. They are listening to the community and making big changes, even though it’s taking time.

Honestly outside of the lack of maps, I’ve been pretty content with Gears 5 and the direction it’s heading in. That’s been the only major drawback for me personally. And while it sucks that Op 3 is using the same map release model as before, at least now they are fully committing major resources to Versus/Horde maps going forward.


one day Link I would like to be a positive person like you @Link23809 somehow It’s not on my DNA and as much as I try to be positive I just can’t I don’t know why…

doesnt matter the harsh and mean things I say to TC, , the world really needs people like you man. .

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I read the title.

My answer is No.

Gears of War 4 was their time to learn. This is just embarrassing.


While I do agree we shouldnt be wishing for failure, people at TC and the gaming industry in general should be held accountable. All I know is that some changes need to be made at TC, I dont know any other job where you can mess up as much and keep it

Seems like they are listening to us now. It might be to late though. Theres also things they only listen to after too long. Like maps. Saying now that we heard you is just a joke. They should have heard us when we complained at launch and when we complained with the release of Op2.


@ll_R_E_D_l I’ve requested on Twitter that on Gears of War 6, they should change the name of LANCER GL to FREEDOM LANCER man…

you’ve invented the right name for the weapon, it should be officially called like that.


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I would love that. I wanna see if I can get a blank templet from TC of the Freedom Lancer so I can design a cool skin for it

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of course man. . If I have a response from them Ill request that. . count of it . @ll_R_E_D_l

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Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. The world is full of negativity, there is no shortage of it.

It’s good to be positive when you can be. I’m not saying to be a blind optimist, definitely not, but there are so many situations where people choose negativity for no reason at all.


This is me as well. I’m not trying to excuse the mistakes TC has made. I just don’t want to give up on this game right now and feel people need to give them a chance to reconcile.

Sure, we had high hopes for Op3. Was it a bit underwhelming sure but it’s a step in the right direction. Yes it’s the breaking point for some but wait till Op4. That’ll be MASSIVE I’m sure.

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