Give the option to turn off crossplay completely

It’s no secret that pc players have an unfair advantage when playing against console players. Allow us to turn off crossplay if we want, this should be basic.


Unbelievable that they let us controller players play against pc players. if u want to get rid of the xbox players tc keep doing what u doing.

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Salty tears of despair.


The only “advantage” pc players have is that it’s easier to aim snipers with a mouse. Using a keyboard is a lot more of a disadvantage compared to controller. And it honestly doesn’t matter if you’re playing a pc player on console because if you’re a better player then them you will still ■■■■ on them.


Pretty sure you can turn off cross play in the options already.


PC players also can negate recoil more easily than a controller player.

Only for ranked, you can still run into them in all quickplay scenarios and ofcourse the PvE cooperative modes. Not really about advantage or disadvantage, but I wouldn’t mind blocking PC players at bare minimum from custom rooms setup in Horde and Escape. Anytime playing with a PC player the match quality has tanked after their joining for me plus they tend to be the ones that spam the in-game chat.

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Still it’s not really a advantage.

I see… I did not actually know that. Thanks for the info!

Never said it was or wasn’t simply stating that aiming in general is easier with a mouse and keyboard. There are setups out there that can give grant the advantages of aiming and recoil management of a mouse without sacrificing movement eases of a controller, but really what one player determines as an overall advantage is dependent on the individual player, plus aimbots are thing and whilst they’re definitely cheaters they do indeed get through and are a product of PC players mostly. If a player likes sniping as a controller player and see that PC has an advantage there, they’ll claim an advantage whereas a Gnasher fanatic might instead see the controller player having an advantage from ease of movement it’s a perspective thing and it’s always going to be a conflict when the two meet which is what makes crossplay such a tricky thing to manage.

Yeah I know gears 4 had a few aim bot problems but I think tc cleared it up mostly. Hopefully if they come back for 5 they can clean it up again

Not all PC players play with m/k. They need to toggle by input not platform especially now that you can use k/m with xbox now.


They had a crap anti cheat. Apparently Gears 5 has a way better anti cheat


Xbone has mouse and keyboard support. Just plug one in. Advantage mitigated. Problem solved.


Ok, buy us one then smartypants

You can buy an Amazon basic mouse and keyboard bundle for dirt cheap. Cost you less than two Chrome Steel skins.


The KB/M debate is pointless since you can use them on Xbox One also. The real advantages PC players have are:

  1. Higher Field of View (FoV). Some people say this is negligible or it is annoying to adjust to. However, seeing an extra 20% of the battlefield makes people coming from behind you a lot less likely to happen, and clearly people do play at max FoV.
  2. Lower input lag, thus they can react faster than you can. The advantage is around 4 frames, or roughly 65-70ms. Even if you can’t feel that amount of lag, it does exist. It’s just the unfortunate part of playing on console because you can’t adjust and optimize settings to lower input lag like you can on PC. Devs on console are very strict with settings and force V-sync which causes lag, while PC players can disable for a better, faster option like Gsync.
  3. Higher framerates.
  4. Disabling unnecessary settings like Depth of Field and Motion Blur, which is better for a multiplayer experience. Makes it easier to see enemies at a distance.

Too bad Gears5 PC is an unstable platform at the moment full of GPU errors from a dozen threads on here.


Dont know what your crying about i play on my one x and a high spec pc. Still use a controller on both…
Pc users rarely use km on gears as we all know it plays so much smoother with a controller

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I play on PC with a controller and i’m pretty sure that there are a lot of other players that do the same too.
So you could possibly be getting destroyed by controller players lol


I play on pc with keyboard and mouse and I’m ranked silver 2 which means if you’re any good you’ll never play me lol


They’ll never do this. There’s no reason anyway and it’ll only further segregate the community. They’ve already begrudgingly given the option to disable in ranked. It’s not going to happen anywhere else.