Give TC a break seriously!

Ok, here you go: I love Gears 5.

AND it has WAY more issues than it should. It’s like your SO promising an extravagant cruise vacation and then taking you to a hotel one town over because they ran out of time to plan.

This dude must be a filthy casual, only a skill-less vermin likes this heap of trash. TC. Simply listens to veteran fans and put in what we want then gears6 might have a chance. How long will casual play this, they’ll move on as soon as MW comes out. It’s the hardcore fans that will keep the wheel turning. Man I’m so sad, was hoping for a GOW3. Just give us Gears3 remastered, all I need. Like re-skin it no need to change nothing.

That’s part of the reason why I strayed away from these forums is because it feels like it’s mostly gornw men complaining all the time. Even when TC has done something good, people whine. I’ve been frustrated with TC multiple times but they generally do a good job with feedback and I’m thoroughly enjoying Gears 5.

Glad someone shares the same opinion

Then they’re not a majority anymore.

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Really? As OnyxCrimsonBlur say, TC released a broken product. In my experience I had BSOD, game crashes with GW502 error messages or only send me to Windows desktop without error messages. It kicked me off on horde matches with my friends several times.
I’m only talking about technical issues

But if I need to talk about the game itself, I hate there’s only 4 acts instead of 5, the open world maps are beautiful but empty and feel unfinished. Some chapters are only dialogues, the maps are boring. And the list can continue. The worst part is they don’t care to fix t he issues, I can’t enjoy the game. Yes is fun at least for me, but doesn’t mean I agree they’re doing with microtransactions, insane grinding, and the lack of interest of solve real issues like game crashing on PC version (It happens on Xbox One too).

Anyone who paid full price for this game, like me, has all the right to complain, we feel cheated. Of course I care about this series, it’s my favorite, if people like me do not complain, the devs will never learn their lesson.

as I always say in modern day economy.



But to majority of the player base they most likely already had game pass so it was free.

Even if you’re given something for free, it should be open to criticism. If you gift me some doodoo, I should be able to say it stinks.

Just a thought.

Games on gamepass ain’t free. Regardless of whether they got it for a dollar or full price, they’re still paying for the subscription hence the game isn’t free.


game pass isnt a free service and at the end people ends paying more than 60 bucks for the total product. so its not free man…

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I agree with you man… even if its free players could very well state their opinion.

I stand corrected.

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People won’t learn from complaining. For complaining is nothing but negative words without any value.

If instead of complaining you mean constructively criticizing, then perhaps. However, you’ll have to keep facts and opinions separated. For the former is something that is undeniable. The latter is personal opinion, being an acquired taste.

The best way to proceed would be to list the facts and hand them on a silver platter to TC. Facts, meaning no emotional attached contents. Signed by numerous players, like a petition. Then, and only then, are they obligated to reply. In all other cases they do reply, generalized, in the weekly whatsup

Why facts? Because even if their intention and goal does not align with what you’d rather see, opinion, a factual error has nothing to do with intent.

This statement is flawed at best.

Facts are facts, and well, that’s a fact. However, there are some things that people may think are facts but may not be for others.

I’ll use the lack of content in Gears 5 as an example. Currently, you got two sides. One where people are saying there are too little maps and characters whilst others say that the game released with enough of them. Both state their arguments as facts. If we were to follow your way of thinking, than that means we would need to unanimously choose which one is fact and than present that to TC, which would be impossible to do. Which is why I think both sides should be allowed to voice their thoughts, regardless of whether one side is essentially complaining. Like in this example, that would be the ones that think the game lacks content.

In the end, I think everyone should say whatever they want in the forums, as long as they abide by the forum rules.


Oh look another defender of TC. This game is broken, not fun and the worst gears game in the franchise…yep worse than judgment. My opinion so ha I don’t want to hear your complaining…good day.


Then leave. Bye bye✌🏻

Hell no… TC you are morons and you should shut down. Get epic again to work on this.

What makes me laugh is people complain about the lancer yet for me it takes me a million shots just to down someone and i can’t even tell who is a good gnasher player anymore the gnasher is just easy mode combined with 100mph wall bouncing its actually pathetic gears now.

Plus there’s also the controller vs keyboard and mouse nonsense aswell i think i will just stick to playing escape and playing with freinds because the multiplayer is by far the worst i have ever seen from a gears game.

You leave