Give me YOUR opinions

Which game was ■■■■■■■■? Judgement or 5, I don’t have a personal opinion yet so I would like to hear all of urs

Imo, Judgement was worse…i just didn’t like that one at all


Gears5 is worse imo based solely on the fact I just CBA to pick this game up, whereas I could put J down

Who doesn’t love killing cogs as locust beasts :grin:

Judgment, they got rid of horde and thought overrun could replace it


5 is better than judgment…that’s for sure man.

5 easily, multiplayer is trash in comparison to even Judgment. Movement and shooting are garbage.

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I’m sorry but at least 5 maintained some of the core aspects of the game and tried to add onto them.

Judgment was ■■■.

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I liked judgments campaign, overun was ok, survival was bad and the MP was poor.

5 is better in almost every way



Gears 1.

Both Judgment and 5 had multiple mode types and tried to add new things. Movement in 1 is horrid.


Judgment was the worst by far. Mainly the alienation of their fan base with design choices (one gun load out, removal of dbno and executions (vs), cog vs cog, bringing back the 2 piece) that the community protested once revealed but they went ahead with anyway, I think to make the game more like Cod and Halo and snag dollars from those fans who would drop the game anyway as soon as the next Cod/Halo came out. Still resentful about it to this day. I did like overrun though which I feel is it’s only redeeming quality.

Gears 5 is a good game. Just short on maps but i think map count came at the expense of escape which I also enjoy so that’s fine with me. Hopefully we can get a fair number next op though which, from the dev streams, seems to be in the works.

both games did the worst thing that was trying to update the gears saga is not an easy game and both judgment and 5 are focused on reaching more people the real skill factor in these games is null for all the mencainas that there are to make it easier to kill

Agree, while I love the “negative space” that 1 provided the potential for, it’s my least favorite to actually play.

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Gears 5 is better, mostly because it’s the lovechild of Gears 4 and Judgment.

My opinion is that judgement is by far the worst game of the franchise.

I never even played it and didn’t even know it existed until gears 4 was announced.

I seen what it has to offer and the negatives outweighs the positives.

I wish to see Sophia in gears 5 eventually so baird’s old squad can at least be playable, although how gears 5 is it might not happen.

Ummmm…not sure if I can give an opinion

Judgement is the worst.

Goes like this for gameplay, not content/campaign.


They missed an opportunity to bring her in with Paduk at the start of Op 4, even if just for Versus. Now I don’t expect it to happen even with Op 5.

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I’m pretty sure Paduk mentions she was abducted by Locust in the GoWJ DLC.

That’s not really my point… I was saying as an MP character. Don’t expect her to return in the Campaign… and she’d be old if even alive at all anyway.

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