Give me a Reason to get Stars TC

With the fact that you get double stars all the time with boost, I completed General within 3 weeks. Didn’t spend any iron to reroll any of the daily challenges and only completed about 30 of the medals.

So there is no point in doing the daily challenges anymore and most of the rewards for completing the medal pages aren’t really worth it.

So give me a reason to keep trying to get stars TC. For each star I get once I complete General, give me 100xp or 10 scrap, give me something. Cause once you complete General what’s the point of the Tour of Duty or these challenges, it’s just an absolute waste.


Yeah… because stars are the only reason to play right…I know that’s why I bought the game… to get some stars and those tiny tiny carrots


Agreed, there is no reason to obtain stars after ToD is complete, not alot of reason before either :rofl::rofl:


He has a point though. It would be nice after Tod is completed that the daily tour tasks were still worth doing…

Logging into Gears 5 like…


Actually tbh for me it is I literally only play 5 on double star days otherwise I’m on 4

I don’t’like the stars in general. I’ve grinded out all the challenges for the few modes I play. I’m only like halfway through and the dailies give me 1-2 stars maybe. That’s if it’s a challenge I can even complete. I get dailies for characters that I don’t even have unlocked nor plan to grind to unlock. I swear they give me dailies to modes I don’t play to try to fix their que times. The rewards have been improved slightly since operation one. slightly. But there’s still too many banners, markers and blood sprays. Some of the weapon skins are good. Most emotes are ridiculous. Some are just emotes and voice lines combined. As if mixing 2 existing things creates something new. Workout Fahz is just awkward. I would like more executions. Real executions not just existing ones remodeled to work on another weapon. The only skin left that I would want is gilded Baird but I’m like 15 lvls away from that. If I can get that by the time the operation ends great but I have no drive to login everyday and do every daily the game throws at me. Especially when certain match modes aren’t even working right now(horde lobbies)

The weird thing is that I could not care less about blood sprays, marks or emotes but I still sometimes feel like I am playing for the ToD rather than just having fun. I am greatly annoyd by this since it rather takes the fun out of playing.


There are none in general :grin::grin::grin:

Ok ok, I’m going…


100% TC need to implement a system after general like this in Operation 3. The current system stops people playing after General, especially if you complete a large portion of the medals before you get to General.

I haven’t even looked at most the daily challenges and have just been playing versus yet somehow I’m almost half way done with the tour.

I like that it feels like there’s less an obligation to grind the ToD in general. I never really needed an incentive to keep doing things in the game other than for fun but I get your point that since it’s there it might as well continue to be meaningful in someway.

This was discussed over and over in OP1, same issue now.

Once you finish the OP, the only reason to play the game is for the… fun of it?

if you don’t have fun playing it, what’s the point of your rank/stars? If you are having fun, they play it even if the stars don’t give you anything…


Congrats on finishing Tour that fast!

Most people who complete Tour take 2-3 months, which was the intended length - but with anything, you’ll always get min/maxing and people way ahead of the curve.

Getting 100% on your medals is intended to be the ‘post-game’ to the main Tour track, but we know that’s not even enough for some our most dedicated players out there.

Addressing that is on our list, but to be honest, it’s not right at the top of said list - given the small percentile that end up in this position early in a Tour. Our development resources are focused on the broader issues impacting all players right now, but this is something we are hoping to address as soon as capacity allows.


Any chance we will still be able to finish Tour 1 still in the future

I wish after 3-6 months you were allowed to select a tour to work on it. It stills gives the exclusivity of being there and having it and getting ahead, but if someone just joined the game it would be nice to work on the tour and get the rewards that others got.

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They should worry about reasons to get people to play this game. Never mind the stars. You know things like consistency and addressing the lag exploiters because latency + jacked up code is ruining the entire game.

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I’m not even a dedicated player, i’m a casual player who mainly plays Horde. I don’t touch versus at all unless there was a daily challenge.

Unlike OP 1, OP 2 is giving double stars all the time to those with boost, where OP 1 only did it on certain weekends. So if I didn’t have boost, it probably would have taken me the 2 months or so to complete General (like it did in OP 1). But even then that is 4 weeks where Daily Challenges mean absolutely nothing. I only have 34 of medals complete in the ToD currently, i’ve haven’t touched Ranked, barely touched Escape, Hivebusters, or Versus. The only tabs I have complete are Basic, Weapons, Horde, and Heroes and that’s all from normal play, no grinding.

The rewards of expressions, marks, or bloodsprays do not interest me in the slightest so I see no reason to try and get the Medals in the others tabs.

And while I have fun playing Horde, unless I am with a group of friends playing the other modes with randoms isn’t fun to me, because of how often people quit or idle in the game. If it wasn’t for the Daily Challenges and the ToD, i’d probably wouldn’t even touch the other modes or play different characters.

The ToD and Stars are a part of the game and when they become pointless to go after it feels like the game gets less fun, because I am not really working toward anything anymore. And I start to see just how boring of grind for XP, cards, and scrap is and play less Gears because of it.

But again, this is just me and my opinion and I know it’s not the same for everyone.


Haha thats the only reason i even hopped on now.i got everythin i dont wanna play this garbage ■■■ game… Nobody wants to play thr same people over and get deranked in this unrewarding trash heap

I have the same problem since last weekend. Reach the general rank, unlock the bloodred speaker and now…well…I think I play some other titles until OP 3 started. Maybe I look sometimes after the next update what has changed.

Hyper…horde was one of the finest modes produced…2 and 3 are still both outstanding…4 started to drift but was manageable…5 is like walking with a stone constantly stuck in your shoe🙄