Give Del a new look ASAP!

Oh no…oh oh HELL NO! COALITION WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? How are y’all gonna set my girl kait up with longer hair w/ highlights, New armor AND make her a protagonist and make JD more appealing personality and look wise giving him the badass scar , shaved head, and beard treatment and leave my boy del hanging with a beanie and…slightly new armor???

Del is JD’s right hand man and or of the 3 protagonists throughout the story and y’all literally gave this man a whole beanie…why is that the only change he gets??? Y’all even trimmed the homie Marcus’ beard and made fahz, a new character look better than Del…

Look all I hope for is a new change for the homie del he looks copy n pasted from gears 4 with a beanie…and I hope his hair is dreaded or something cause he has a similar hairstyle like sponge twists that turn into dreads which is what I want but enough about me…just give him something.


That’s Kait’s beanie.

If they’re going to give Del anything, PLEASE give him a personality.


This, imo in the Gears 5 cinematoc, he looks too much baby faced.

del is going to off the bat have atleast 3 different armour. varients depending on the location in the campaign the armour has changed…

snow location is big bulky armour
hot areas less thick clothing

del has deff the most interesting green armour as hes zip lining down a cave in the trailer which is looks dope. check it out by rewatching the trailer.

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He stole Katie beenie and that’s why she pulls a pistol on him!

I think he looks better now.

Bwahahahaha! Exactly!

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I’m sure Kait’s hair looks around similar length, it just looks more exposed in Gears 5 without the beanie.
If you look at the end of her hair ponytail that rests around her neck and armour, it looks very similar length to Gears 4 version.
Del seems to only have a beanie/hat for during the snow scene in trailer.
He sports a different outfit that resembles similar to Commando Dom with head band (like Rambo).
But yeah, nothing changed about his looks or hair style.

Yeah, and Kait’s red highlights have always been there. Her hair honestly looked shorter.

If you look closely, GOW 4 Kait has blue boot laces…Gears 5 Kait they are black boot laces…You need a 4K tv to tell to be honest

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I was reading that and i was hoping you were gonna say “quick death” instead of personality…but yeah that works too

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