Give back JD his tube!

Honestly horde is becoming more and more of a chore. First the removal of BBB (Bleeding Barrier Baird) really made things much harder and not as fun, but now you removed JD’s tube launcher? Thats the ONLY viable DPS in horde (trishots are good too but they come at random) . Yes i know you can buy them but its super expensive… things are just getting harder and harder for no reasons…

At least balance it properly, give JD (and Keegan) 7 boomshots to compensate or something… Now JD has a bunch of cards for a weapon he don’t even spawn with… cmon.

I never liked horde, ill be honest, way too long, only chatting with friends make it tolerable, but now its just excuciating…

If anything more characters should spawn with a launcher, not just JD… That would be a lot more fun having 2 tube launchers in the game…





What we see here is the average Joe’s vision of the game. Nothing wrong with it at all TC. Two people that know how to create custom lobbies and are too snooty to play with most people cried about it…so you somewhat nerfed JD.

Yes. I can carry a team on any difficulty with the boom.

That’s not the point. People liked the GL…TC takes it away.

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While we agree on many things, you can create a custom lobby and mostly do. We need the average Joe playing Gears. It’s a niche game, but if that niche gets too small, it’s no longer a game.

It’s easily purchaseable and in terms of gameplay, it doesn’t really impair teams very much. Money-wise, the fact that perks are a fair bit cheaper means that teams should easily be able to afford a couple of GL’s before wave 10 anyway.

I think the key thing this change does, it removes the ability of JD killing himself and respawning with an extra JD for free, and they also need to be a bit more careful to avoid getting killed otherwise they will lose it.


While for organized teams I wholeheartedly agree, with randoms the gameplay dynamic completely changes.


I have barely seen a JD in horde since the update and it feels great. I have even seen one being kicked just for being JD. My honest opinion is that horde feels a lot more fun now and the gameplay seems more versatile.

Since enemies is easier to kill, and you get more ammo and more energy after the update it’s not fair to say that the game is getting harder.

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I played some horde today for the first time in months. Went in with the idea of 10 or so waves but to my surprise I stayed for about 30. What changed? no snoring baird’s barrier fest nor JD’s I’m gonna spam GL’s on that poor leech and more just for kicks.

Harder? without a doubt but definitely a better experience.


Holy crap, it sounds like everyone in this thread plays on Insane or below. You’re not going anywhere on Master without JD. Period. That’s just the way it is. Why is everyone crying about JD doing all the damage, anyway? Don’t you want to win? It’s like crying about the Warriors winning 73 games because Steph was too awesome. Kait can still hold her own, Keegan with a level 4 Shredder does work, even Fahz with his new Icy Precision rework can contribute, Baird has a beastly DB now and his sentries are powerful, Lizzy with an upgraded Silverback and Cold Finish , etc. If you’re really just sitting back watching JD light up the sky, I’d say you’re not doing something right.


Overall I like the changes made in Op 3. Thing is, JD can still light up the sky with Lancer GL grenades and carpet bomb things. He could even do it from wave 1 if 3 people deposit.

In my opinion, the changes affect the in-game economy and how teams go about prioritising the initial building in Horde. This only really affects the first 10 waves or so. Aside from this, the other thing changed is the reload speed of the GL grenades on a weapon locker.

I get that some people, particular those using public matchmaking may find this hard because of lack of teamwork, lack of communication etc because they play solo and team up with randomers who are also presumably playing solo. But ultimately this is a squad-based shooter. Teams who don’t work together as a team will always suffer on harder difficulties and in my opinion this is how it should be - teams who work together as a team should be rewarded for this. Even in GOW4 this was a factor as you had different classes. The meta may have been different back then, but it was still at heart, a squad-based shooter.

At the risk of sounding snooty - but I get the sense that the majority of players just aren’t that skilled. Master difficulty is meant to be hard and while I agree some aspects could be balanced better, people are supposed to fail unless they have the skill and team work. It’s arguable that JD’s initial set-up has been de-skilling players and allows teams to do well if JD did his thing. I’ve played with many players and it’s rare to find skilled ones. I’ve come across so many who have completed Master runs where I’ve thought to myself “How on earth did you manage that?!” because they were truly awful or at best mediocre players without even a basic understanding of the mode.


Custom Boomshot is viable too. Get it to Level 5 and you will see on perfect active reload.


You’re kind of right, and that is one of the reasons why I rarely play on master these days. It gets to one-sided. Aint this also because many players sit back and heavily rely on JD, therefore the one-sidedness? When more characters will be released this will hopefully change.

I actually dont need to win, I rather play a fun match and lose on wave 47 than have a boring match and make wave 50.


Yeah, play on Master difficulty…

As I mentioned before I am tired and bored of master and I have almost stopped playing it. Always the same maps and the same play style.

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I will say that it doesn’t make sense for JD to have assault rifle damage as a boost, but not spawn with any sort of assault rifle. I want to say he’s the only character that operates in this fashion.

After playing in a random Horde lobby and watching a Sarah Connor steal the JD’s GL that he spent 3,000 energy on and proceed to die I can see both arguments. Maybe a price reduction to 2,500 would be ideal. Or maybe on second thought he can spawn with the GL originally, but any revives from the fabricator and he gets the standard Lancer.


Grace. Breaker Mace.

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Give me another example. Grace doesn’t exist as I refuse to buy that nonsense. XD I also don’t believe in Pay-to-Win aspects (Looking at you Rev-9…)


Card boost yes. Perks? Does grace have the ability to perk up damage for the mace?

So many JD players going straight to the fab to buy a gl on wave 1 of horde frenzy but drop their boomshot instead of the shotgun??? What’s that about

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