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Gilded Weapon Skin Set Is Too Easy

So The Coalition claim that this skin set is for “true” gears fans…?

I completely disagree. This skin set is available to everyone if they have game pass, not to mention the fact that Gears of War 4 came with all previous games.

Couldn’t they have made it (at the very LEAST) complete every Gears of War campaign? To get an achievement you only need to play the first chapter…like come on. A true gears fan isn’t someone who gets one achievement and moves on to the next one.

I was looking forward to this skin set and now EVERYONE I see online has it. I understand it’s too late to change the requirements but I just wanted to see what everyone else thinks of this.

I think it’s pretty lame to complain about free skins


It was easy. I’ll give it that.


Easy? Unbelievable, the kids these days. I’ll have you know I had to crawl out of bed at 2pm, wipe the crust outta my eyes, and load up gears 4 to get those skins. Lord knows I’m never waking up that early again.


Everything has been easy to get tho

I had to hook up my xbox 360 and i dont even have batteries for my control…easy pshhh

Reminds me of my good old nightshift days!

Finishing on a Friday morning…then finishing Gears 3 Sunday night with bloodshot eyes, a lot less friends and in a sea of red bull cans.

Good times, missed dearly.

Free skins is free skins dude …my only gripe is they wanna treat UE as a separate game though it’s still gow1 …surprised no one made a post on it yet but whatever…

Complaining about something free? Just be grateful you were able to get the Gilded Skins.

Wah you talking bout mike? What about the sweat skins?

Does anyone really need a reason to play the original trilogy again? :thinking:


Well at least e sports Kate will be rare?

Also lots of people missing out on Gilded RAM because they could not hit the level 10 in-time.

I think there will still be some rare stuff.

I dont even have the skins cause I never played Judgment and will never play it, not for these cheap skins I wont even use in 5. I wlil use my black phantom skins.

Dude, I will buy Gears of war 1, it is very cheap. I agree with you because I have UE too and I firstly considered it OG GoW 1 without knowing about GoW 1’s existence. But hey, that Gilded set is Awesome!!

Go figure, that would be the rare one. :roll_eyes:

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Nah. Out of all Kait skins so far, the Ice Kait would be rare one.


I agree with u dude I have UE And GoW1 on me…I want those sweet skins but it kills me that I have to play gow1 game again

What if someone has gotten all of the achievements and doesn’t log into Gears 4 this month? would they still get these skins?

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Be sure to log in before the end of the challenge. If you have the achievements unlocked, you should have the rewards already.
I would make sure though.

I think the gilded weapons require you to log in during the challenge. There is no achievement for this.