Gilded weapon skin set challenge



Earn an achievement in each of the following Gears games:

  • Gears of War OR Gears of War (PC)
  • Gears of War 2
  • Gears of War 3
  • Gears of War: Judgment
  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Xbox or PC)
  • Gears of War 4

So, all the people who have only Gears 4 or PC player won’t be able to unlock it, how stupid is that challenge ?

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Clearly the challenge is targeted at OG fans of the series. You’re not entitled to literally everything you know


I’ll give TC a vote of confidence and say they made a mistake and simply forgot about it.

In the case it was intentional, then it will be amusing to see how they try to explain there is no such a thing as second rate players.

“The Raam challenge is stupid. I shouldn’t be forced to get 10 ReUps!” Gears 3 had a lot of unlockables via Gears 1/2 achievements, and I miss that. Glad they’re doing it again.


So its stupid for an achievement to belong to a single game but perfectly fine for it to belong to several games, one of which is more than 15 years old?

To each his own I guess.

It’s something for fans that have been here for the entire series, which was actually heavily requested over the past few years. To keep it in perspective it’s one weapon set.


And one achievement per game.

And some players will have gotten all past games for free as a download with GOW4.


That is true, plus gamepass gives access to all the games.


Yeah. I see why it’s frustrating, but from my perspective it combines (1) rewarding long time fans; and (2) promoting past games to newer players. I wouldn’t say this was a mis-step by TC (and I’ve criticised TC plenty on the past before for other things!) - they’ve messed up for worse in the past!


I get what you’re saying, but where the argument you and @TC_Octus (on Twitter) put forward stops being able to hold water is the fact that new Xbox players can earn the achievements TODAY and unlock the skins.

Those players weren’t “here for the entire series” any more than I was (probably less in some ways, I went PC-only between Gears 3 and 4, meaning I missed J) they just happen to have a console and I don’t anymore. Your argument only holds up if “earned achievements BEFORE x date” was a stipulation, where x = any date before the start of the challenge.

Oh well though, I suppose.


I did follow up and point how easy it is to get them now after that post, so I certainly agree with you there.


But still, if you’ve played enough, long enough. Don’t even have to think twice. It’s a neat little reward, low effort if you’ve been here. Now if it was something along the lines of “Beat every campaign on X difficulty” then yeah, would’ve been much better for long term fans than just one measly achievement.

Since mine was always Zen and the Art, (as in my first Gears achievements)

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I don’t have any Xbox, i’ve waited on gears to be on PC (as Halo) for a while. It’s a good thing for all the xbox player who (with XBOX game pass) can get it anytime, but for the pc player we’re fu… up, because in OUR game pass we don’t have all the game. Something like “Earn all achievement on GoW 4” would be better

It’s a “somehow” unfair challenge, because the first line should read:

Gears of War OR Gears of War (PC) OR Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

and the Ultimate Edition should be removed as a standalone part of the challenge.

That way TC can reward long time fans but also take into account that some of those fans would not wish to play Gears of War 1 two times in two different editions.

Come on @TC_Octus, we know you are listening…

I had in all Games Achievement but the Challenge don’t unlock :frowning: and now i can’t unlock zhe easy one…like 25 active reloads. I must geht the Seriously Achievements

I completed all 9 Gears games (100% achievement completion) to date… on the Road to Gears 5 challenge page it says my progress has ONLY unlocked 2 out of 5 for this challenge though… yet I have unlocked them all and already have the skins in Gears 4.

Hopefully they transfer over to Gears 5 properly as seeing that I only completed 2/5 is highly concerning.

I’ve gotten achievements on every single gears game except for judgement and the challenge only is saying Gears 1 and 4

“Reach Level 10 in Multiplayer in Gears of War 4 (Retroactive)”

What is this challenge?

The challenge on the Road to Gears 5 page had Gears 1 and 4 ticked for me then I loaded the others up on my xbox one and now the list has dissapeared.

I got my weapons in gears 4 and the counter up the top suggest I have completed it after counting them up.

Wow so even if i did play Gears judgement i would still have to have a console to unlock it…