Gilded RAAM trouble uploading achievement

Anyone else having trouble unlocking the achievement for completing the coop campaign on hardcore after actually completing it, because I completed the challenge and didn’t get the achievement?

did you try searching the forums?

Please try these steps, TC is currently working on addressing the issues

1. The Waiting Game
Most of you at this stage will have already done this, but sometimes tracking will not instantly update even though progress have been logged. Please allow up to 72 hours for progress to be correctly updated.

2. Hard Reset Your Console
Fully reset your Xbox by holding the power button until the system fully powers off. Reboot the console, sign in and then reboot Gears 4.

3. Open your NAT
Go to your Network Settings and Test for Xbox Live Connection. If you are on a Moderate or Strict NAT, opening the necessary Xbox Live ports has resolved the issue for some users. Find a list of the ports here.

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Thank you.

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