Gilded Raam extension

So the challenge is ending in a couple days, and we have already had several threads asking to extend the time, so might as well have one main one for people to post on.

SPOILER: Ain’t gonna happen


What if there’s going to be a new challenge, right after E3? I mean, keeping two challenges up doesn’t make sense. Like it’s been long enough.


He knows it won’t happen, there will be at least one more character/challenge before 5 is out and if it lasts 3 months again, it might also be the last depending on when 5 releases.

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Lol yeah I know. But there will be an inevitable wave of people asking for more time

I have a full time job plus my cousin has been extremely sick. I’m glad most of you guys have been able to play and complete the challenge but my priorities have been elsewhere. Plus when I was ready to sit down and grind out my wings the first day, the 4XP wasn’t even active.

Could I get another week or maybe two?

What are you still missing? Reups? You only have to get to 10 for the challenge but if you’re not very close to it and cannot commit full time I can understand why you’d want a little more time. Unfortunately I don’t expect TC to prolong the challenge.

I work full time and have a normal social life (out on average for 3 evenings per week) and got it for both my main and secondary account. It’s not hard. Obviously new players starting from scratch have to make more time and effort but it’s easily possible. We had 80 days or something and that was plenty of time.

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I think they should. It is just a character skin. I am going to get it but I know people that would like to get it. But have had issues. Horde freezing and kicking them. Not able to get matches. We waited 20 minutes for a match a few times and it never loaded. They finally went to other games. So, although it “Ain’t gonna happen” there is really no reason not to do it. Well, except for the good will it would create going to Gears 5.

Things man. And stuff. I had things and stuff I had to do. Too many of the things and not enough time for the reups!

Anyone up for coop campaign? I need to knock out Act IV Chapters 1-4 and all of Act V and I’ll be done with this challenge. Just can’t find anyone😩

I’m sure we will see a Kait variant for the next challenge right after E3.

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I’m hoping for a Star-Wars-Rey-Cosplay-Kait variant, just to wind some people up a little. :smiley:


I hate you Pepper😂

one can only hope lol

Tbf I’m happy with the time we had.Even though at this current moment in time i’m pushing myself for my finale 28 levels

people had 80 days to finish this ,80 DAYS , you had more then enough time , it doesnt need to be extended , lets move on to the next challenge and if you dont get RAAM this time to bad ,you had time,and before any roast me for this, i work full time , have a wife ,2 kids , run the GFC (where we were planning a event during this ) had my mother in law be in the hospital where we went every day ,and i still had time to finish the challenge


Precisely. It’s not a reward that can necessarily be acquired by everyone. It’s supposed to take time and effort, not a free handout. If people wanted it so much, then they should have made the time and effort.


I honestly will feel bad for the people that want this badly and tried their hardest but just couldn’t make it. For example the Re-up challenges I was Re-up 7 and now i’m Re-up 9 level 77 and seeing that you need to get 30k for the next 10 levels then 40k for the rest is going to take a lot of work but it’s 4x EXP so it feels a lot easier.

I feel sympathy up to a point. Especially those who for whatever reason, were starting from a low level (maybe they bought the game more recently). I personally was already on Wings 9 when the challenge started so this one was in the bag from the start, but I still did it on my secondary account easily. The thing is, the challenge is based on a set goal. There’s no RNG or luck potentially screwing people over - you achieve X, Y and Z, and you get the skins. I always felt more sympathy for people who got screw over on the Gear Packs because that’s out of their control.

Horde is the most time efficient way of getting these challenges. Versus players may not like Horde, and speedruns are repetitive, but it’s a means to an end. I’m primarily a Horde player, but went out of my way to play Versus to get the Ruby Scion and Emerald Gear skins.

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I feel like the challenges are a good start for what is meant to come in the future. The re-up challenge is easy but it’s hard when you don’t know what to do. As you said you’re a horde player. I’m a Versus player but I found myself enjoying horde more because people are most of the time working together. On Versus i’m getting people that aren’t even marking the enemy behind me. But I do feel like the challenges are a good starting point. Can’t wait to see what they do in the future for these characters.