Gilded Raam Challenge failed award

So I completed all 3 challenges and I am not awarded the Gilded Raam?! Wtf? My son who was playing with me was awarded the co-op challenge yet GOW failed to award me.pfft… Back to Call of Duty I guess…

I would go through on your account only and see if you missed a chapter . maybe it cliched and you may have to plays that again.

I was just looking at that,it doesn’t tell me what supposedly 2 chapters I “missed”,but I missed ZERO… My son and I played on a team together the whole campaign… Again,pfft;now I understand why my son has zero interest in playing GOW.

If you go into the campaign section and “select chapter” you should be able to see which chapter is outstanding based on the emblem.

Casual is bronze
Normal is silver
Hardcore is gold
Insane is onyx with a skull
Inconceivable is the skull with 3 knives in it

Back when I was completing the Seriously 4.0 achievement, the one for finishing the insane campaign didn’t get awarded until I started the campaign again and played a few minutes.

That is unlucky, it might pop at some point today even. Fingers crossed.

Allowing for you obvious frustration I think you maybe playing Gears for the wrong reason if you are going to quit the game due to a glitched achievement.

If you and/or you son has “zero interest in playing GOW” why did you even bother trying to go for the challenge.

I’m not being harsh and again understand anyones frustration but this really should not and would not be a reason to quit the game. I’m sure the skins and character will be avalible in 5 at some point.