Gilded RAAM Challenge extension

I understand the Gilded RAAM Challenge is meant to be challenging but I was wondering if there was a way for the challenge to be extended into July or August. I’m not trying to complain but I feel it would make it easier for those are need to reach Re-up 10 and are very behind because of the amount of grinding that you have to do. Even for me I am about level 90 and Re-up 7 and still it would be very time consuming to ensure I reach Re-up 10 before the challenge ends in June. My group of friends are only Re-up 1 or 2 so it’s practically impossible for them to reach Re-up 10 by June. They would have to keep playing nonstop which is a little unreasonable.


TC Octus did respond to a similar question on reddit.

His response was that it was for the fans who had put enough gametime in to reach a certain level, or be close enough to get to it by the end of the challenge.

My personal opinion is that the game has been out for long enough for the challenges to be quite reasonable and rewards fans who have been there either since the start or played enough.

If TC did make it much easier then they would face a backlash for making it too easy or changing the goalposts.


Have you look at this spreadsheet? It gives you a total breakdown of the amount of XP required for each level, re-up, and Wings; as well as amounts of XP you will get for clearing Horde on different difficulties etc. The only thing you’ll need to add is the 2x XP that is now in place, plus the Season Pass bonus.

Re-ups 1-10 is a comparatively small amount of XP compared to Wings 1-10. It’s very doable in the time given, but it does require time to be invested if you’re starting from the beginning. Thing is, not everyone is going to get this. If people want it, then they gotta put the time and effort in. It’s just one of those things really.

A Horde run of waves 1-50 on Inconceivable Ironman with the Season Pass bonus, the current 2x XP, and a bounty for 85,000 XP, will net you around 380,000-400,000 XP. If you are that way inclined, speedruns are the quickest way about it. I’d suggest focusing on levelling up the Scout and Engineer classes and the relevant cards cos they are the easiest to do - all the required cards are green and blue (common and rare).


I say leave it how it is. The Gilded Raam is meant for loyal Gearheads. If you’re loyal to Gears, you’d most likely be Re-up 10. It’s a reward for continuously playing Gears and not Fortnite or what have you. Two and a half months is already generous.


Like everyone said so far the games been out long enough. And theres ALWAYS someone coming on here to ask for an extension on a challenge. If they havent done it for the Ruby Scion or Emerald Gear I doubt they’re gonna do it now. Sorry bud better start grinding, Your not that far behind you got 3 months you should be able to get it


Im sure there will be more xp boosts before it ends. Like I bet 8xp the week before. Anyhow the only people who should care about this skin should be the die hards who play consistently. I got reup 3-10 in like 4 months.

“Loyalty Series” Gilded Raam is for the day one loyal fans. Not everyone will unlock it. That’s the point. Unless you speedrun.

I agree Ghost. It’s for the long standing players.


Oh boy another “Please extend the timed challenge” thread. If this challenge is so important to you and you really want these skins, quit your job, take a vacation from your job, stay home sick from school or whatever it takes to get the challenge finished. If you can’t or don’t want to do any of those, well then give up and stop asking for an extension. Another piece of advice is, learn how to speed run. 10 re-ups can be easily achieved in a month or less by speed runs.


If you are reup 7 currently you won’t have a hard time hitting reup 10 before the end of the challenge if you go on a little bit of a grind. Just put the work in if you want him. It really won’t take long doing Inconceivable horde if you want to do it quickly.

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Like other people have said, it’s supposed to be a challenge and if you’re starting from the bottom then yes, it is time consuming. But that’s the price for the reward.

If you want the reward skins so much then you’ll need to make the effort and time. The requirements aren’t unrealistic. I’ve got a fulltime job and a.normal social life where I’m out at least 3 evenings per week, but have been able to find and make time to complete all of the challenges like the Ruby Scion and Emerald Gear, grindy as they were.

Oh quit with the Speed Runs Tony :joy:

I don’t what you say. That was a waste of time lol

If you don’t like it then there’s an assortment of Colorblast skins to suit your impeccable tastes David! :yum:


I’m a connoisseur of animated video game skins. Glad you noticed

I hope we get a Limited Edition ColorBlast skin for either participating in the Beta or Pre Ordering Gears 5!!!

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Cos that will go down like a nice warm mug of bleach. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t care. It’s what I want not what THEY want but what I want. I don’t care who wants what but only what I want.

I suspect you don’t actually want the exclusive colorblast skin for the skin, but to annoy some of the fans.

Which is fair enough. It’s hard to be reprehensible unless you know that you’re upsetting someone. Which is why I wait until someone else is in the room before I fart and pick my nose.


Why would you insult me like that pepper? I whole heartedly want that color blast skin to rock it and be called a noob while using the noob tube that will be on the lancer…Ok, you got me a little. I do want to annoy the fanbase because it is fun to do so.

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You’re way ahead of me bro and I still got time. as other forum members have quite rightly suggested to me, try doing horde speed runs, they’re mad XP. alternatively, you can try playing 2v2 gnashers. The gnasher tuning is inconsistent as hell, and it’s a frustrating game mode, but it’s 4x xp compared to social, definitely worth a try.

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