Gilded Marcus won’t unlock

I have a problem, I got around 60 achievements on gears 4 and I never got gilded Marcus even now I still don’t have him in either games. Any idea why?

Note: I had 55 achievements before the event even started

You had to do this by September 2nd.

Note: I had around 55 achievements before the challenge even started :expressionless:

I didn’t get him either man. Nor any of the characters, despite meeting the requirements before the event even started.

I did get the gilded weapon skins though :roll_eyes:.

You had to log in to gears 4 and get him their.

I didn’t have to for the weapon skins

I doubt TC will help anyone with that. They still owe me the 250irons from one of the road to Gears5 achievements, and they never got back to me when I submitted a ticket about 1-2months ago.

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You had to log into Gears 4 or claim it from their site even if you had the requirements, that being said the Gilded weapons skins may work differently as an unlock because it requires past games and not just gears 4

You had to manually claim the reward from the website during a specific time frame. All G4 rewards ended early september and some even before that.