Gilded Marcus’ death

Is it just me, or does he die differently? Haven’t played much with gilded Raam, but Marcus always dies in one piece. Something to do with executions in Gears 5? Maybe I’ve missed something.

Nah it’s been happening for me, every time. They’ll probably fix it soon. But maybe it’s just because Marcus has had enough. That’s it, he’s too good to gib.


Haven’t gotten him yet. I have 145 achievements but it hasn’t popped up yet for me.

That’s very odd. I played with 5 man random squads full of gilded Marcus yesterday. It just wasn’t meant to be for you man. The Gears gods know you boosted.

But wait, we will all now pay to boost in Gears 5.

Hope they get that sorted for you.

Buggiest game, ever.

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My Gilded Marcus flew across the whole map when he died from a frag granade.

It is checked off as being completed so at least I know I will get it. I’m not even worried though. I’m just running these challenges and after that, Gears 4 won’t exist since this will be the last of the challenges. Just need to wait until August for the others to pop up and get them. Not even worried about the stupid Hoodie Kait or the Guilded Kait, I wouldn’t use them anyways.

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Yeah there’s a gore model issue that seems to have cropped up post deployment.

Our team have been working on it today and we’re looking to get it fixed as soon as we can. Thanks for reporting.

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Good Day TC_Octus, Doubt, some Answer for this Situation.
The Achievement is already Done, but follows Blocked.
Gears Reinstalled and Updated.
and Follow Same. I remain pending. Thank you