Gilded Marcus challenge

My challenge says that it’s done on the road to gears 5 page, but the achievement just sits at 100, and I don’t get any unlocks. My friend got it instantly, and Gears 4 randomly just stopped with the update so I had to reinstall the entire game, it took 8 hours to install and then I’m treated with a stupid bug. Waste of time, now I’ll miss out on a cool character because of a glitch.

bugged for me too, says complete on the website but no achiev or marcus…

Be patient guys and gals! The challenge is up until September, and I’m sure this issue will resolve itself. I’ve heard that some people got it instantly and others had to wait varying lengths of time. It’s frustrating for sure, but don’t panic and just be patient!

Well I know I won’t be getting Guilded Kait because I am not going through that campaign again. it should be retro to be honest but then again, I won’t use that skin anyway so

I noticed that on top of the page the overall challenge tracker shows that i finished 2,but i already finished 3. The tracking for the challenges seems buggy.

Was it confirmed not to be retro?

I didn’t see it on the achievement itself. Not yet at least. I would think it would be. Same thing for the MP rank 10, that HAS to be retro.

Agree. I suspect those will pop instantly (assumes no bug lol) when time comes. Not playing the campaign again either.

Yeah well expect bugs to happen. They have be synonymous with TC and their challenges.

Order of events

1). Announce challenge
2). Annoy the community with achievements not popping, display glitches, etc.

I’ve rather come to like this approach.


Yes sir. Been that way since their first ever challenge. I am sure it will continue in Gears 5 as well

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I remember the Feral Swarm challenge. I think we had to wait about a month before we got those skins!

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Thx man, and I feel you on the skin but the way I see it, its just another skin for me to carry over.

Hello Tony. maybe you can help me. There is a challenge, but I didn’t get Marc.


**Today i did the achievements for coop versus. After they unlocked the gilded Marcus challenge popped up! Before i had 89 achievements and challenge stuck at 100% **

If i scrap gilded marcus will i still have him in gears 5?

Not 100% sure, but you should do. The thing is, the rewards should be directly attached to your gamertag and not your in-game inventory, so as long as you’re using the same GT you should be fine.

Gilded marcus and raam look great with the wings weapon set. Think they made the color scheme based on them.

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Just got him thank goodness

I haven’t unlocked him yet either, tried all the steps, the hard reset etc…still nothing