Gilded Marcus bug

When being gibbed he doesn’t explode he just falls over lol


I noticed it too and i dont like it

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He doesn’t get gored at all he just ragdolls but that’s probably gonna be fixed soon

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Hey TC I have almost all the achievements in my account and the achievement to get Marcus shows the 100% but it’s still lock, the achievement never piped out. Help!! #gears4 FRANKSHA1988


Exactly the same

I have the same problem is there a fix

I still don’t hve gilded marcus wtf i hve over 100 achievements it kinda bugs me that everyone but me gets him fix ur fame jheez

Same thing

I’m the same I have over a 100 achivements yet mine won’t give me it it just sits at 100%

same issue, i have 64 achivements, it is still locked and it appears 0%

Got before 89 achievements and challenge stuck at 100%. Did the coop-versus achievements and the challenge popped up. This worked for me. Good luck.

Yeah there’s a gore model issue that seems to have cropped up post deployment.

Our team have been working on it today and we’re looking to get it fixed as soon as we can. Thanks for reporting.