Gilded Kait without xbox live?

Hi! I was wondering if i could still unlock gilded kait if i dont have Xbox Live on my xbox since i wanna do splitscreen coop on that. I play with controller on PC now so i have no use for my xbox up until this point. Would the challenge still complete even though i dont have xbox live? I dont want to play through like 8 hours of campaign for it to not unlock.

I’m pretty sure you would need XBL for this. The challenge progress is tracked online, so I would assume that you need to get online even for a short period so that the progress from your save file is “communicated” to the Gears servers to indicate that you’ve completed the challenge and for the Gears server to “send confirmation” to your console to unlock the skin.

Also if you’ve been without XBL for a while, you will also need to have downloaded the relevant title update otherwise your game file won’t have the challenge and skin.

Well actually recently i had to get an achievement for Judgement (■■■■ that game) for the gilded weapon skin set challenge and i did it on xbox without xbox live and it recognized it. So that’s why im so confused lmao

Interesting. I was under the impression that if you weren’t connected to XBL or the internet you wouldn’t even be able to access alot of the in game functions like the customisation menu!

I presume you must have downloaded the last few updates so therefore the Gilded challenges are all now part of your save files? I dunno. Maybe that’s all you need?

Wait, hang on, I just reread your post - you’re a PC player and have internet connection via your PC!

Yeah that’s fine. I couldn’t explain the details, but your XB gamertag can be linked to whatever profile you have on your PC, so challenge rewards etc crossover.

Yeah, my Xbox gamertag is the one i use for my PC! So it is fine to play the campaign on Xbox then without Xbox live?

Sure, so long as you’re connected to the internet. I would think you could do it without internet to so long as you signed on at some point during the challenge.

Sweet! Thank you so much both of you :slight_smile: @Bleeding_Pepper